Bordelle, aesthetic luxury bondage lingerie from England. Bordelle collections are characterized by custom satin elastic straps, 24 carat gold plated accents and zippers. Discover Bordelle's powerful permanent collection with bondage lingerie signatures that can be ordered all year round and be surprised twice a year by the most special, exclusive seasonal collections, often inspired by powerful women.

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    Welcome to Bordelle

    Welcome to the captivating realm of Bordelle, where the essence of exquisite luxury that hails from the heart of London finds its way to the vibrant city of Amsterdam.

    Bordelle is more than a brand; it's an embodiment of high-end, seductive aesthetics that seamlessly intertwines opulence and allure in every meticulously crafted piece. Each creation, meticulously fashioned from the finest materials including satin, mesh, and lace, serves to delicately caress the curves of your body while igniting your senses.

    Picture a trove of forbidden treasures: every Bordelle creation glistens with the exquisite touch of 24k gold-plated accents and zippers, imbuing each piece with a touch of intoxicating decadence. Every fine detail extends an invitation to explore the diverse realms of pleasure.

    Bordelle Classic Collection

    Step into the timeless world of Bordelle's Classics collection. This permanent collection elegantly melds the signatures of bondage lingerie with an exquisite fusion of passion and elegance. It's an invitation to express your innermost desires, enveloping you in a world of seduction unbounded by limitations.

    Bordelle Seasonal Collections

    Bordelle's seasonal collections are a tribute to desire, empowerment, and the inherent allure of femininity. Each collection is a symphony of sensuality and fashion, inspired by the essence of powerful women who embrace their individuality and inherent strength.

    Alta: Immerse yourself in the world of Alta, a collection designed to encapsulate and amplify the essence of powerful women. The intricate details and luxurious materials weave an irresistible tapestry of desire and allure, making a bold and confident statement.

    Circe: Step into the enchanting world of Circe, where sensuality takes center stage. The intricate designs and delicate fabrics orchestrate a dance of mystique, beckoning you to explore the enigmatic depths of your desires.

    Cadi: Celebrate confidence and empowerment with Cadi, an elegant collection that transforms lingerie into a symbol of self-assuredness. Each piece becomes a testament to your inner strength and resilience.

    Dia: Embark on a journey through Dia, a collection where fashion and sensuality converge in a captivating dance of provocative allure. Every piece is a masterpiece, thoughtfully designed to ignite passion and create an indelible impression.

    Essentials II: Elevate your personal style with Essentials II, a symphony of desire inspired by the strength of women who embrace their unique essence. These pieces transcend mere clothing, evolving into essential expressions of your sensuality.

    Kleio: Surrender to the allure of Kleio, a limited edition collection embodying passion and power. Meticulously crafted, each piece reflects the profound depth of your innermost desires.

    Cymatic: Allow Cymatic to guide you on a journey of indulgence, where each piece of sensuous lingerie becomes a canvas for expressing your desires. This collection is a tribute to the artistry of sensuality.

    Amidst the allure of these collections, there's the Pleasurements store nestled in Amsterdam. The Pleasurements store is a haven of exclusivity and sensuality, founded by Rebecca van der Wurff. It stands as a celebration of love, pleasure, and the embodiment of empowerment. With every creation, Pleasurements aims to caress your senses, providing the strength and confidence needed to fully embrace and enjoy your sensuality. Through the lens of Pleasurements, sensuality is elevated to a form of art, and each piece of lingerie stands as a testament to the profound depths of your desires.