Private Shopping

Fitting luxury lingerie at Pleasurements' private boudoir is an absolute pleasure and an experience in itself. Our boutique at the Prinsenstraat in Amsterdam is well-known for the excellent service our ladies provide with trying and fitting the most beautiful erotic lingerie. A private appointment can be made here. You can choose between these three different appointment options (email us if you have other wishes):

Private *** The Boudoir
The Boudoir is yours.
Max. 1 hour
Min. spending amount of €1000,-
It can be booked from Monday till Saturday between 10am - 6pm.

Book and experience the luxury of private shopping in your very own boudoir. This monumental boudoir is equipped with all the comforts, such as high heels, refined music, beautiful picture books, sensual scents, and there are two fabulously sumptuous Chesterfield club chairs at your disposal. A little private party for both men and women!

Private Luxury **** Bubbles & Bites in the Boudoir
The boudoir is yours.
Champagne & delicacies included
Max. 2 hours
Min. spending amount €2500,-
Can be booked from Monday till Saturday between 10am - 6pm
Enjoy a 1-on-1 service in the most beautiful boudoir, which is booked just for you. We serve Champagne and other delicacies, refined music sounds from the speaker, and everything around you is embellished with glamour at its best. In other words, all senses will be stimulated. If you so desire, we can even cozily kindle the fireplace for you.

Private Boudoir Shoot *****
Private boudoir shoot in the Pleasurements boudoir.
The boudoir is completely yours. 
Drink of your choice & delicacies included
Max. 3 hours
Min. spending amount €5000,-
Can be booked from Monday till Saturday between 10am - 10pm
Lights out, spot on! Be a model for a day. Make your shopping spree extra special by finishing it with a personal private boudoir shoot by photographer Alice Westerhof. During 3 hours you'll be the star of the show. Downstairs you can admire all the available beauties. And upstairs, you can use the our boudoir to try on all the beauties. We serve you with whatever you desire to drink. And we’ll ensure that your tummy is attended to. Refined sounds can be heard from the speakers, and we can even cozily kindle the fireplace for you. The last hour of your private appointment will be dedicated to your boudoir shoot by photographer Alice Westerhof.

If you have any further wishes or you prefer a different day or time, don’t hesitate to share these with us by mail or telephone

We hope to welcome you very soon!
With pleasure,
Rebecca & Team

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