Vero Longline Bodice Bra Eden

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Eden is making a comeback and we've never been happier! This is the Vero Longline Bodice Bra in a rich and enchanting Eden shade – a flawless union of style and comfort that promises to redefine your lingerie collection. Made from sumptuously stretchy material, this bra ensures a secure fit while delivering day-long comfort. The innovative design features a chic collar that delicately frames your neck, injecting a touch of sophistication into your ensemble. Entrance onlookers with the mesmerizing back of this longline bra, embellished with an array of adjustable straps that not only enhance support but also weave a captivating visual allure. The gold details bestow a whisper of opulence, elevating this lingerie piece into a genuine fashion statement. 

All items should be washed with care: -Hand-wash them separately in lukewarm water with mild detergent. -Rinse thoroughly before laying them flat to dry. -Be cautious of rings and nails to prevent fabric damage. -Note that silk satin fabrics may lose some luster with repeated cleaning, as it's a natural characteristic. -Avoid machine washing, as it can damage or discolor the items. -Bordelle products have 24K gold plated components; wipe them after each wear and wash to prevent tarnishing and damage over time.

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