Red Lingerie

Red Lingerie

Red is the color of love, and what better way to express love with red lingerie. After all, Love isn't Blind. So, find the sexiest of sexy red lingerie at pleas from our exclusive selected erotic lingerie designers like Bordelle, Maison Close, Tisja Damen, and many others.

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  1. Dia Cupless Body Morello
    Designer:Bordelle Dia Cupless Body Morello
    Regular price
  2. Cadi Body Morello
    Designer:Bordelle Cadi Body Morello
    Regular price
  3. Dia Suspender Morello
    Designer:Bordelle Dia Suspender Morello
    Regular price
  4. Dia Brief Morello
    Designer:Bordelle Dia Brief Morello
    Regular price
  5. Cadi Wide Strap Thong Morello
    Designer:Bordelle Cadi Wide Strap Thong Morello
    Regular price
  6. Cadi Ouvert Garter Brief Morello
    Designer:Bordelle Cadi Ouvert Garter Brief Morello
    Regular price
  7. Dia Open Wire Bra Morello
    Designer:Bordelle Dia Open Wire Bra Morello
    Regular price
  8. Dia Soft Cup Bra Morello
    Designer:Bordelle Dia Soft Cup Bra Morello
    Regular price
  9. Cadi Soft Cup Bra Morello
    Designer:Bordelle Cadi Soft Cup Bra Morello
    Regular price
  10. Cadi Balconette Wire Bra Morello
    Designer:Bordelle Cadi Balconette Wire Bra Morello
    Regular price
  11. Cadi Bodice Bra Morello
    Designer:Bordelle Cadi Bodice Bra Morello
    Regular price
  12. Poppy Garters Red
    Designer:Posie Poppy Garters Red
    Regular price
  13. Circe Strap Garters Morello
    Designer:Bordelle Circe Strap Garters Morello
    Regular price
  14. Circe Body Harness Morello
    Designer:Bordelle Circe Body Harness Morello
    Regular price
  15. Circe Suspender Morello
    Designer:Bordelle Circe Suspender Morello
    Regular price
  16. Poppy G-string Red
    Designer:Posie Poppy G-string Red
    Regular price

Express your love through red lingerie from Pleasurements. Indulge your beloved with a red lingerie gift or surprise your lover with a fierce, sexy red lingerie set, either way, you'll be in for a red hot romance.

Is red lingerie something for me?

Red lingerie has a very sexy lingerie kind of image and is most often associated with erotic lingerie; however, lingerie in red can also be very romantic. For example, Tisja Damen creates embroidered red lingerie with handcrafted Swiss embroidery on see-through tulle, which looks very delicate and oozes romance. On the other hand, we have bondage lingerie designer Bordelle, which creates the most mesmerizing masterpieces out of red satin elastic straps. Or Studio Pia with organic silk lingerie in red. But if you want to go with sexy lingerie all the way, Maison Close knows how to set the tone with erotic lingerie like ouverts and cupless designs.

Besides the various red lingerie styles, from erotic bondage to romantic, embroidered, or lace, there are also different shades of red lingerie sets. At Pleasurements, you can pick your favorite type of red lingerie from burnt red to burgundy or poppy red to fiery red. Each luxury lingerie designer and each shade of red can give a totally different look & feel. With fiery red or burnt red for a more erotic lingerie look and burgundy for a more chic look.

Whether you want to indulge your special lady with a gift for her birthday, Valentine, Christmas, or any other special day worth celebrating with love, red lingerie is always a perfect gift for her, available from the most exclusive lingerie designers at Pleasurements. And if you're intrigued by colorful lingerie, you must have a look at our blue lingerie and green lingerie.