Crotchless Lingerie

(Crotch)less is more when it comes to erotic lingerie. So feast your eyes on Pleasurements' exclusive collection of crotchless lingerie, from crotchless panties to ouvert bodies and strappy playsuits. Discover the sexiest crotchless lingerie by high-end designers like Bordelle, Couture de Nuit, Maison Close, The Model Traitor, and many more. 

Crotchless Lingerie
Rey Bondage Harness Black
€ 309 Bordelle
Art Deco Ouvert Body Caramel
€ 419 Bordelle
Bondage Harness Open Brief Caramel
€ 159 Bordelle
Art Deco Ouvert Strap Brief Ivory
€ 129 Bordelle

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Inspiration Divine Openable Thong Black
€ 49 Maison Close
Selma Ouvert Body Red
€ 99 Escora
Art Deco Ouvert Body Red
€ 419 Bordelle
Bondage Harness Open Brief Black
€ 159 Bordelle

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Bondage Harness Open Brief Ivory
€ 159 Bordelle

Discover the most provocative erotic lingerie trend, crotchless lingerie. And let Pleasurements longs to indulge you with the most teasing and pleasing open crotch lingerie pleasures from the highest quality. 

What is crotchless lingerie?

With this type of erotic lingerie, it is all in the name because, with crotchless lingerie, the crotch is open or openable for either easy access without taking off your most loveable erotic luxury lingerie or simply to tease and please with a lust for the eye, your most intimate hotspot of pleasure. As said, crotchless lingerie can be open or openable; the difference is that with open lingerie, the crotch is completely removed, while openable lingerie allows you to open and close the crotch with a fold-over fabric. 

Why wear open crotch lingerie?

The first crotchless lingerie you can probably think of is crotchless panties. But besides crotchless thongs or briefs, you'll also find crotchless bodies and strappy playsuits at Pleasurements. Open crotch lingerie is the best of both worlds, right in the middle of wearing no panties and seducing with the most luscious erotic lingerie. Because the biggest perk of crotchless lingerie is, of course, not having to take off your precious panty pleasure when the temperature turns up. 

Crotchless lingerie is as versatile as the type of lingerie and differs in style from bondage to lace and fabrics from satin elastic straps to sheer mesh or luscious lace. And besides the erotic side of crotchless lingerie, Pleasurements lets you discover the luxury side as well, thanks to the highest quality, sustainability, and outstanding craftsmanship and design. So, align with our erotic lingerie motto, saying crotch-less is more. And if our crotchless lingerie collection tastes like more, have a look at our selections of extreme lingerieouvert lingerie, open bras, uncensored lingerie, or cupless lingerie.