Discover Pleasurements' latest discovery when it comes to exclusive lingerie, erotic clothing & body jewelry, Escora. This high-end designer might be new at Pleasurements, but has over 150 years of experience in the world of luxury lingerie, erotic wear, and body jewelry. Their sexy clubwear and luxury lingerie is ever so innovating and oozes German craftsmanship all over.

Inessa Lace Off Shoulder Blouse Black
€ 99 Escora
Jole Netting Skirt Black
€ 49 Escora
Sophie Fringe Dress Black
€ 89 Escora
Inessa Lace Gown Black
€ 249 Escora
Jole Netting Skirt White
€ 49 Escora
Jole Netting Dress White
€ 99 Escora
Jole Netting Dress Black
€ 99 Escora
Rose Halter Body Black
€ 99 Escora
Rosalie Lace Body Red
€ 99 Escora
Iman Chain Bra Gold
€ 109 Escora
Iman Chain Thong Gold
€ 59 Escora
Iman Chain Thong Black
€ 49 Escora
Iman Chain Bra Black
€ 79 Escora
C'e Due Body Chain Gold
€ 39 Escora
C'e Due Hip Chain Gold
€ 39 Escora
C'e Due Long Necklace Gold
€ 39 Escora

Proudly, we present to you our latest addition to our ready-to-wear and erotic clothing collection. Please applause for Escora, a German lingerie, and lingerie-inspired outerwear brand. But Escora is not entirely that new, for this high-end designer brand is well established and praised all over the world. 

Over 150 years ago, Escora was founded as a corset factory in Coburg, Germany, and designed innovative designs in the ladies' world, especially for court and the surrounding area. In the 20th century Escora patented the shelf bra, we still oh so love today, and many more new designs. During the fifties, working conditions were improved, and so was the craftsmanship. Escora stands for family tradition, quality consciousness, and inventor spirit. Today, Escora is the key to beauty. "It inspires self-confident women with its lingerie in an optimal fitting and luxurious erotic designs." 

With Escora's rich history, they know how to enhance the feminine figure like no other. That's why we are so taken away by their sexy clubwear, erotic clothing, and see-through dresses. Discover the lace gowns, sexy bodysuits, see-through dresses, stunning skirts, fabulous fringes, beautiful body jewelry, and erotic lingerie for yourself to fall as equally head over heels in love as we have. 

Why wear these sexy creations inside the bedroom only? Escora's erotic wear is perfectly suitable for a private party or hot night out. Combine their designs with your outfit or rock them beautifully bare. So please indulge yourself with one of Escora's extraordinary classic designs, which are available all year long, or one of the seasonal fashion collections.