Erotic Blindfolds

Erotic Blindfolds

Discover the most beautiful erotic blindfolds at Pleasurements to get blindfolded in the name of love. An erotic blindfold heightens all other senses for a sensational sight for sore eyes. Cover your eyes with lace blindfolds, silk blindfolds, or even leather blindfolds.

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  1. Aiya Silk Tie Red
    Ontwerper:Studio Pia Aiya Silk Tie Red
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  2. Love isn't Blind Blindfold
    Ontwerper:Pleasurements Love isn't Blind Blindfold
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  3. Soft Leather Blindfold Mask
    Ontwerper:Anoeses Soft Leather Blindfold Mask
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Erotic blindfolds

If you adore eroticism you must know that there is nothing more enticing than erotic blindfolds to heighten all other senses. In fact, is an erotic lingerie look complete without a matching erotic blindfold? We don't think so. That's why Pleasurements is exactly the right place to discover erotic blindfolds and pick your favorite lust for the eye. Cover your eyes in a variety of erotic blindfolds, silk blindfolds to match your erotic silk lingerie, leather blindfolds to match your erotic leather lingerie, or lace blindfolds to match your erotic lace lingerie.

Erotic silk blindfolds

Discover what will completely take your breath, uhm… sight, away, erotic silk blindfolds. This luscious luxury favorite is a best-seller for a reason. An erotic silk blindfold feels smooth and soft covering your eyes, and does an amazing job at blindfolding completely since there is no see through effect in a silk blindfold. Erotic silk blindfolds close in a bow tie or knot, which makes them multi functional as bondage restraints as well. Well if that does not complete your erotic silk lingerie look.

Erotic leather blindfolds

Leather might be the best known for its erotic character, so it is no wonder that we adore a good erotic leather blindfolds. Most erotic leather blindfolds, however, are more masks than blindfolds but have the same styling effect on your leather erotic lingerie look nonetheless. Erotic leather blindfolds are most popular in a kitten or Cat Woman mask design, from patent leather, vegetable-tanned or Italian leather.

Erotic lace blindfolds

One that might not have such an erotic image is the lacy racy, erotic lace blindfolds. While lace has a very romantic vibe, our erotic lace blindfolds shine a quit new erotic light on this lace romance. An erotic lace blindfold oozes eroticism in the seduction of blindfolding, while still being able to see slightly through the delicate lace, so that the half blindfolding will entice even more.