Tapage Nocturne

Maison Close Tapage Nocturne, an erotic lingerie collection available in red & black. Minimalism has never looked this hot before.

Maison Close
Tapage Nocturne High Waist Thong Black
€ 69 Maison Close

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Discover Tapage Nocturne, a classic French lingerie collection by Maison Close, one of our favorite sexy lingerie lines at Pleasurements. Why? Because of its cupless lingerie, ouverts, and bondage details, of course.

Tapage Nocturne is a luxury erotic lingerie collection that comes in black and red. The microfiber fabric signatures the collection and wraps around your body oh so comfortably, thanks to the stretchiness and softness. Black lingerie always knows how to set the tone and looks very powerful, while red lingerie turns up the romance with its fiery look. Gold plated hardware ensures a luxurious finishing touch and also adds a naughty side to Tapage Nocturne. The golden hardware details can also open up some of the sexy lingerie garments and are even used for the handcuff links on the suspenders and high waist thong.

Maison Close's Tapage Nocturne features all-time favorites like the open bra with its wired quarter cups to put your bosom on an erotic display. Ouverts like the open thong or brief with open back. The best-selling suspenders with their detachable wrist cuffs. The harness to spice up your cleavage. And the ouvert body, a cupless bodysuit with an open back that shows all of your best assets like an absolute erotic lingerie must-have. But Tapage Nocturne also indulged us with some new additions to the collection, like the cupless frame bra and high waist thong with detachable wrist cuffs, the sexy strappy thong bodysuit, and the sexy dress with its strappy neckline.  

It doesn't matter if you go for black or red, Tapage Nocturne by Maison Close will soon be one of the favorites of your erotic lingerie ensemble.