Maison Close

Maison Close

Where can I find Beautiful French Lingerie for Everyday Wear? Explore Luxury Lingerie by Maison Close. And if you're looking for a little more tease, you'll be thrilled with maison close’s erotic lingerie garment. Naughty Ouverts, Luscious Lace, Mesmerizing Sheer Mesh, Sexy Straps, Faux Leather, The Perfect Stockings. Maison Close Has It All, So Discover Exclusive Lingerie From Paris With Love ...

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Maison Close lingerie

From Paris with love... Maison Close is a French luxury lingerie brand that combines everyday wear lingerie with erotic lingerie. Maison Close lingerie is mysterious, stylish, and very sexy! It is too beautiful to hide and keep all to yourself. Maison Close lingerie deserves to be seen and shown! sexy lingerie, daring accessories, and erotic clothing open up a world of intimacy and make any dreary day fade away…

This sensational exclusive luxury lingerie brand treats us with many different showpieces, suitable for all women and many different occasions. Relish with lace, sheer mesh, silky satin, and other luxury fabrics with great finishing touches. Every bra, brief, ouvert, suspender, or thong is created with the most excellent care and an eye for detail, just like the erotic clothing collection with see-through dresses, sexy skirts, or beautiful bodysuits.

Maison Close lingerie is perfectly suitable for everyday wear thanks to the quality and optimal support, combined with an excellent eye for refined materials and details. A beautiful set of Maison Close can also be the start of an extraordinary love affair.

This crowned Boudoir Brand of the Year in the UK in 2013 stands for beautiful lingerie collections with an excellent notion for comfort and a stunning appearance. Since Monsieur le Français founded Maison Close in 2006, the designer brand inspires many women with its Haute Couture references, luxurious details, and erotic touches, including fashion influencers like Kate Moss, Cara Delavingne, and Rihanna.

Do you want erotic chic? Enter the dazzling world of Maison Close... Discover luxury lingerie collections like:

Maison Close La Directrice

Show your beloved you're the boss with Maison Close La Directrice, one of the best-selling sexy lingerie collections at Pleasurements. The romance of lace lingerie blending with the sexiness of Maison Close's La Directrice femme fatale look. The lace, see-through mesh, and microfiber are stretchy and smooth to ensure ultra-soft comfort. The see-through lingerie and open designs make Maison Close La Directrice an absolute erotic lingerie must-have.

Maison Close Chambre Noir & Chambre Noire LTD

Well, for kinky lingerie lovers, Maison Close Chambre Noir and Maison Close Chambre Noire LTD must be a dream come true. Both Chambre Noir and Chambre Noire LTD feature a faux leather lingerie look. Chambre Noir is finished with grey hardware in suggestive o-rings, while Chambre Noire LTD's hardware comes in gold plated with extra o-rings. Discover the irresistible erotic lingerie appeal of this kinky lingerie collection, Maison Close Chambre Noir & Chambre Noire LTD.

Maison Close Le Petit Secret & Le Petit Secret Magnetiques

There is no better sexy gift to give than Maison Close Le Petit Secret or Maison Close Le Petit Secret Magnetiques. Both lace lingerie collections come in special gift boxes for that special someone, and after all, sexy lingerie is a gift for both the one who wears it and the one who admires it. Maison Close Le Petit Secret & Le Petit Secret Magnetiques lingerie come in two sizes and are adjustable to size to perfection. And as you want to devour your loved one wearing Le Petit Secret Magnetiques, Maison Close offers a brilliant solution, magnetic buttons so that you can tear off the lingerie in the heat of the moment.

Maison Close Pure Tentation

Maison Close Pure Tentation is absolutely about the purest of temptation and shows that less is more. The sexy lingerie designs from the Maison Close Pure Tentation line are minimalistic yet elegant and even a little erotic, thanks to naughty ouverts and see-through lingerie. Maison Close Pure Tentation features stretchy see-through mesh that feels oh so comfortably soft on your skin, making it a favorite for everyday wear that knows how to set the tone in the bedroom.

Maison Close Tapage Nocturne

One of our oldest classics, Maison Close Tapage Nocturne, is anything but outdated thanks to its timeless design. Maison Close Tapage Nocturne features a stretchy, smooth, and comfortably soft microfiber fabric that comes in two very seductive colors; black and red. The classic quarter cup bra, suspender with handCuffs, and open thong are a sexy lingerie set every lady should have in her luxury erotic lingerie ensemble. Besides, Maison Close continues by adding new designs to the Tapage Nocturne collection to make sure you're always on point.

Maison Close Inspiration Divine

The Maison Close Inspiration Divine is heavenly with gold-plated hardware cross adornments. A lavish luxury lingerie collection combines dotted sheer mesh with trimmed edges and eye-lashed lace for a romantic look, yet in erotic lingerie creations. Black lace lingerie always sets the tone and mood, and with a Maison Close Inspiration Divine lingerie set, dress, or catsuit, you will be in for a holy... night to remember.

Maison Close Bande a Part

If you desire luxury lingerie with a sporty, comfy twist, Maison Close Bande A Part is here to answer your desires. Maison Close Bande a Part shows us the sexiness of stylish stripes and indulges with the flattering fit and comfort of soft, stretchy microfiber. The striped design reveals little bits through its see-through mesh while still keeping something left to the imagination. Suited for everyday wear and bedroom seduction Maison Close Bande a Part features a mix of sexy lingerie and erotic clothing.

Maison Close Accroche Coeur

A lacy, racy romance with Maison Close Accroche Coeur, a flirty and sexy lingerie collection. Lavish eye-lashed lace combines beautifully with see-through mesh, while the trimmed edges show a great eye for detail. Just like Maison Close Accroche Coeur literally translates hooked on love, we are absolutely hooked on this lace lingerie line with erotic lingerie designs and sexy see-through.

Maison Close Madame Reve

The latest asset to our luxury lingerie collection is Maison Close Madame Reve. An erotic clothing and sexy lingerie collection that, as Madame Reve literally translates, turns you into a dream woman, a femme fatale. Maison Close Madame Reve features flattering, smooth, stretchy microfiber combined with see-through tulle. And see-through clothing and lingerie know how to set the tone. Wear Maison Close Madame Reve combined with your outerwear, or save it for a special date night for your lover's eyes only.