Make erotic memories with boudoir accessories


Picture perfect with erotic lingerie and boudoir accessories

So, yes, erotic lingerie…
You're donning it to perfection, but you're still just missing some 'je ne sais quoi' to set the mood to perfection in the boudoir.
Your erotic lingerie is undeniably magnificent, but maybe you still want to embellish those softly shimmering nudy bits of your body and emphasize those lovely curves to the max.
Or, do you fancy a more intimate garnish, sexy lotions and tantalizing potions?
Perhaps you desire froufrou in the bondage accessories -realm?

Pleasurements' vast array of erotic boudoir accessories

At Pleasurements they know exactly what you are looking for when it comes to luxury erotic lingerie AND ravishing boudoir accessories.
Intimate jewelry by the scrumptious Sylvie Monthulé, goldplated cuffs, body jewelry by Pleasurements' private label or Edge o' Beyond.
Then we have the BDSM accessories by the divine Fräulein Kink and the Model Traitor, lush harnasses, cuffs and collars by Bordelle or Tisja Damen.
And what about the awesomely sexy potions and lotions by brands like Slow Sex, 210th, High on Love, Yes for Lov and Coco de Mer?

Come hither, mes chéries, and finish that erotic lingerie -look and feel to fabulous perfection with Pleasurements' delicious bondage and erotic pleasures…