From your valentine, with lewd love



14st of Feb, Valentine's day and love hearts were strewn all over my floor
In receiving messages of sweet love I am spoiled, and in love, I absolutely soar
I was gifted lush luxury lingerie and a see-through dress for Valentine's day
Who is he? I was definitely not gonna keep my fairly secret admirer at bay

Who could this mystery lover be? I am ever so sure we met more than once before
While feelings of tantalizing arousal gushed through me, there was a knock on the door
I open up and a husky voice behind a lavish Venetian mask calls my name with lust
Lust for love, lust for erotic entanglement, an undeniable lust that's eager to combust

Waving his Corona-free declaration at me, he lifts up his mask and kisses me ever so deep
He coaxes me to don his lingerie and see-through dress -gift before we fall into a sexy heap
I return to show off my new, highly titillating gear, his pupils dilate, his hands all over me
Head to toe he checks me out, flips me around, my tush pointing at him, I am filled with glee

His fingers he licks with plenty of moisture and under my garb, he trails my goosebumped skin
Lower and lower to my wet nether-regions, he plunges them in my beckoning orifices, oh sexy sin
His erect manhood now revealed, gleaming, solid, hard, greedy, so ready to pounce and impale
He bends me over, cups my spilling breasts, finds my most drenched hole, he thrusts, and we wail

We feistily rock and moan, we pick up the pace, holding on for dear life, one finger on my clit
A crescendo of primal sex-noises, the climax is nigh, with his rod he ventures even deeper a bit
Holding it right there in my deepest pussy-crevice, then a gush of love-juice warms me inside
We squirm, Valentine mystery lover no more, just a loving lover with a sexy stride...Oh! What a ride!