Erotic story by m.



"They're already here, babe. will you be ready soonish?"
"I'm coming, almost done," I answer.

I fasten my bra, look in the mirror at my new lingerie. Your latest gift to me: the Poetica halter bra and briefs, by Tisja Damen. Totally your taste: luxurious, a striking design, and rather revealing. A work of art with its beautiful transparent tulle, lace accents, and silk straps, in an ivory color that contrasts gorgeously against my tanned skin. The thin fabric of the halter bra stretches over my breasts, keeping my soft abundant opulence together beautifully; the brief is just as revealing, my buttocks are covered and yet almost naked.
This is luxury lingerie to show off and seduce with, it's more like jewelry than underwear. It's such a pity to hide something so beautiful under my clothing.
A tingling of tension pulls through my stomach when it suddenly occurs to me…
Why should I hide it anyway?
A pair of gold bracelets, my beige Louboutins, and a confident smile. Nothing more.

It's a wonderfully warm evening. An evening to thoroughly enjoy, with wine, music, good company.
When I will walk through the living room onto the roof terrace in a bit, all eyes will be on me.
Not only yours but also theirs.

They will be a bit surprised, just like you, but not too much either. They now know me, my passionate nature, and know that I do like a bit of commotion and provocation.
They know my slight exhibitionistic tendency.

They will feast their eyes, admire my sun-tanned body, my slightly lace and tulle covered bum with, my soft bosom beneath the wonderfully transparent fabric of the bra.
She will think of it being beautiful and exciting, wants to know exactly what I am wearing. She's also into a bit of daring action.
He will wonder where he can buy her this glamorously luxurious lingerie.
I will tell him, I will whisper it softly in his ear, saying that it will look even better on her, with her tight ass and her lovely firm breasts.
And you will feel a bit uncomfortable, but also proud. You will secretly find it incredibly exciting.
It will be a wonderful evening, filled with wine, music, and eroticism.

Later tonight, when it's just the two of us again, you won't be able to keep your hands off me for long.
I can almost feel how your hands glide over the smooth fabric of the revealing bra, then under it; how you weigh the fullness of my breasts with your hands.
I get warm when I think of your arousal, and what that promises for the coming night.
With both arms I push my curves a little farther together, watch the thin fabric of the bra stretch over it.
My sexy cleavage, under the transparent fabric, just so inviting.
When us two are together, later on, I will spoil you and your delectable big, hard manhood, between my soft breasts.
I won't even have to take the bra off.

I turn around, straighten my back and walk out of the bedroom, through the living room to the patio door.
All eyes are on me.
Not only yours but also theirs.


Images: Pinterest & Pleasurements