Erotic story by m.


Pleasurements & Pain

A warm, muted evening light shines through the wide glass wall of the apartment, casting long shadows.
On the floor, on the thick rug, the angular silhouette of his naked body and my curves, entwined.
His hand glides over my thin, shimmering stocking, to the inside of my thigh. Admiring, enjoying.

An hour ago I got a message from him. He wanted me to come over and put on something beautiful for him.
A second message, with five short words, three hints: "your skin, black satin, nylons".
I smiled when I read it. Plenty of possibilities…I chose the black Bordelle 10 Year cupless bra, which nicely frames my breasts and makes them look fuller.
The matching suspenders, made of transparent fabric and tight straps, emphasize my round hips and buttocks. A pair of nylon stockings, thin and slightly shiny, with a sexy back-seam.

My mouth tastes his lips, his tongue, while slowly and forcefully stroking the full length of his erection.
He unexpectedly bends to the side and reaches for something sitting on top of the low coffee table. A small black velvet bag.
When he opens it, I catch a glimpse of cold shiny metal. I hear a jingling sound, like the links in a chain.
Then I see what he is holding up.
I am a little startled, to begin with, but I mainly feel curiosity, roused.

I sit up and bend my upper body forward, show him my breasts, soft and pleasantly heavy.
The tension pulls through my whole body in flurries. Excitement, a bit of fear too.
First my right nipple. The metal is hard and cold, the sensation that it generates hot and sharp.
Then my left nipple. It takes me a few seconds to get my breathing under control.
The sensation of pleasure and pain is overwhelming and so tantalizing.

He hooks an index finger behind the loosely dangling chain, tightens it, lifts it up, strict and merciless.
It takes my breath away; a glowing heat pulls through my body, I close my eyes.
The chain in his hand forces me to bend over. His mouth is greedy, eager. I bite his lip.
He shudders back for a moment, feeling his mouth with the back of his hand. He looks at me with amusement in his eyes.

He leans further back now, holds the thin chain tight, forcing me to bend over even further.
I can see his arousal, proudly erect. I put my knees next to his hips and lower my body over him, feeling how large and rigid he is.
The taut chain in his fist is constantly sending fiery impulses through my body, to my lower abdomen, deep inside me.
We make love, fierce, passionate. I lose control, being carried away by this flaming hot sensation, followed by a delectable explosion of pain and lust and pleasure.

A little later, when I lie next to him in the near-darkness, I play with the metal clips attached on both ends of the shiny chain.
I feel the power of the cold, hard metal. My fingertips gently reach for my sore nipples.
I look at his gently rising and falling chest.
Gaze at his nipples, ringed by dark hair.
I smile and move even closer to him.


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