Erotic story by m.


Room Service

I found the gorgeously wrapped box in front of my apartment door when I got home.
It didn't have a name or address on it, just this one initial.
A graceful M.
I was totally surprised. I wondered what it could be and who put it there.
An unexpected, mysterious parcel: so exciting!

Now the box is sitting in front of me, opened. I am speechless. The package contains a very sexy lingerie ensemble. Black straps, lace.
I recognize the Entrée harness from the Pleasurements private label collection. Also, a beautiful bra from the same series, with black straps and sexy half cups. And a very small, racy thong.
Underneath these goodies, I find an envelope. A message from the mysterious giver? When I open it, I only find a plastic card, inside a cardboard case.
Almost immediately I recognize it: a keycard for a hotel room. I turn it around but see no name, no message. Only a handwritten date and time.
I realize that's tonight already.

Am I going to go there? I don't have any doubts about the intentions of the person who left the package at my door. I just don't know who he is. Not completely sure anyway.
I do have a suspicion, deep down. A hankering, even.
About half an hour before the time on the note, I start to feel a little reluctant, but in the end, I decided to take the risk.

The tension rushes through my body when I get dropped off at the hotel, I am a little late. I wear the sexy Pleasurements set underneath my tight dress.
My heart is pounding in my throat when I hold the keycard against the lock of the door. The door opens with a soft click. I take a deep breath and step inside.
The hotel room - more like a luxury suite - is partly shrouded in the dark. Then I recognize his slender silhouette, his sharp jawline. The intense look in his eyes.
It's him.
The tension in my body turns into excitement.

We don't need words. An embrace, a long kiss as a greeting.
I help him out of his pants and shirt; my dress glides to the floor in an instant. We lower ourselves onto the wonderfully large bed.
His eyes and hands admire my lingerie, my legs, my soft shapes. I loosen the closure of my bra, free my breasts, enjoy his attention and desire.
My hand touches his erection, which is visibly growing; I help him to become even harder, even bigger.

Impatiently and with his help, I take off the little lace thong.
He knows exactly what I want when I turn halfway around on my hands and knees. Large, hard, he takes me, making me gasp.
When he is inside me, I raise myself, sitting on my knees. I feel his warm body against my back, his lips in my neck, my soft buttocks in his lap.
Impaled on his hard manhood, deep inside me. This is so lush…

I whisper in his ear, commanding him to grab my breasts. Enjoying his powerful hands, pushing my bosom further forward.
We make love intensely; slow at first, but soon more feisty, harder, until I feel the shockwaves of his body indicating he is restraining himself, waiting for me.
I pant in his ear, "Cum, now…" Then suddenly there is an explosion of utter pleasure, his body, and mine, almost at the same time, deliciously gratifying and deep and long.

A little later we relish the moment, lying in the large bed, his warm body still against my back, my soft buttocks in his lap.
His hand slowly glides over my leg, savoring, admiring. He kisses me my shoulder and says: "I could eat something…shall I call room service?"
I turn onto my stomach, raise myself up a bit and give him a good view of my loosely hanging breasts.
The sexy lace harness by Pleasurements in between them is the only piece of clothing on my naked body.
I see that I have his full attention.
I look at him, from under my long lashes and smile.
'Not yet…'


Images: Pleasurements & Pinterest