Erotic story by m.


Summer house in the sun

The island is bathing in the morning sun, it's still early but already quite warm. It's going to be a hot day.
We're enjoying a wonderful holiday. Sun, the sea nearby. A holiday home with its own swimming pool.
You're lying on the edge of the pool, under the umbrella, with your laptop open to handle some mail. The wifi is again not working too well, I read that in your frowning gaze.
I decide to go into the quaint little town by myself, to the charming market square, where you can find exotic fruits, herbs, and fish. The shops in the small streets around it are full of cheerful summer clothes and all kinds of knick-knacks.

The square is full of market stalls under wide umbrellas. I can smell the scent of olives, nuts, fresh fish.
I wander around thoroughly enjoying this place. I turn into a side street, so narrow that it's largely in the shade. On the right, I notice a small shop with colorful dresses and bikinis.
Maybe I can surprise you later with a new bikini…I'm looking through the rack for something that you'd like - a little sexy is okay.
These for example: small and black, a few sharply cut pieces of fabric, nothing more. I smile when I think about how you will react when I put this on.

A little later I find you still at the edge of the swimming pool. The laptop now closed, you've taken off your shirt. You're already nicely tanned, the hairs on your forearms are getting paler.
I press a kiss on your smooth cheek and say, "I'll just go and put on my bikini, honey…"
When I come back out in my new bikini a little later, you look up. With your eyes wide with surprise.
The triangular pieces of fabric from the top emphasize the natural shape of my breasts.
Your eyes drop from my neckline to the black fabric triangle that only just covers my venus mound, and not much more than that.
And then you haven't even seen the back yet.
I never actually wear a string bikini, at least not on the beach, but I made an exception this time.
Especially for you.
When I turn towards the pool, my round hips and buttocks are facing you now, I see you sit up. My naked buttocks, the narrow string in between, have your full attention.
Slowly I let myself sink into the cool water. I fully submerge myself; when I come back up, you're standing at the edge. Nimbly, you dive in too and suddenly you're close to me.

You press your wet torso against me. I hug you, give you a long kiss, sweet and greedy.
You look at my breasts, at the two small triangles of black fabric that stretch over them. You hook your thumbs behind the thin fabric and slowly pull them down until my naked breasts weightlessly float and bob on top of the cool water.
Your hands descend to my buttocks, you sink your fingers deep into my soft forms. I pull down your tight swimming shorts, feeling your warmth, your hardness.
I lift up a leg, clamp it around your waist.
Your fingers find the narrow crotch of my bikini-thong, sending delightful shudders throughout my body.
Then I feel you entering me, hard and forceful. I now also wrap my other leg around your other hip, enjoying the tingle that's spreading through my physique.
With my arms firmly around your strong neck, I see glistening droplets in your hair and on your shoulders, while you kiss and lick and suck and bite my breasts.
You're so eager, so excited, so impatient. Your hands grab my waist firmly, while the delectable cool water ripples and sloshes around us.
Suddenly you throw your head back in your neck, closing your eyes, your mouth wide open, your loins shocking and jolting.
Seeing you enjoy yourself so much excites me even more, I lose control of my breathing and completely surrender.

With our bodies still entwined we relish the afterglow while standing in the cool water.
With a smile on my face, I am thinking I just might wear my new bikini later to the beach too. Especially for you.
And that I will go and pay a visit to that one shop again tomorrow…


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