. . . . . erotic story by m. . . . . ~rock the boat~

.   .   .   .  .    EROTIC STORY BY M.   .   .   .   .   ~ROCK THE BOAT~

It's July, the summer is hot and seems endless. I am in a boat, underneath a heavenly clear blue sky, right in front of the southern French coast. I wear a spotless white bikini and trendy sunglasses. My hair is blowing in the wind. I feel the fresh splashes of the sea. I feel like Heidi, Cara or Doutzen...

Well, it's not a luxury yacht, but a small, rented motorboat... You're in full control of it, handsomely audacious, with a cool nonchalance. I thoroughly enjoy taking in your sexy, slender tanned torso and your nice ass in those tight sun-bleached shorts. We're looking for a quiet beach, preferably a bit remote, for a bit of privacy. But there are many boats and many people looking for quiet beaches. Eventually we find a small bay, where a few people are sunbathing on the rocky beach. You switch off the engine and we're serenely bobbing in the sloshing sea, about one hundred meters from the beach. The water is clear. In the depth below, I see the stony sea floor. I take a dive from the boat and hear your splash behind me. We enjoy the luscious coolness of the salty water.

We climb back on board of the rocking boat. I am heading for the little frontdeck to dry up in the sun. There is just enough room for my towel. I decide to take off my wet bikini top. I sit up and I can feel your eyes following my every movements, when I untie the cords of my bikini top. Teasingly, I hold up the white top for a moment before I casually drop it next to me.

I estimate the distance to the beach, to the handful of people who're sunbathing over there. How much would they be able to see? Then I think: who cares ...? Slowly I also undo the cords of my bikini bottoms, I take it off and put it aside too. I can feel your gaze burning on my back, but you don't say anything. Then I I turn around. Your eyes go to my still quite wet boobs, loosely dangling above my white towel. Then you gaze wanders to my naked hip, droplets gliding to my belly. You smile with full approval. I look at your tanned body, covered in wet, glistening salty beads. My eyes are now fixed on your soaking wet bleached shorts. I bite my bottom lip. You get the hint. Unbuttoning your shorts, revealing your already excited manhood.

The boat rocks so fiercely when I crawl over to you, that I have to hold on to your strong body. My mouth finds your delectable hard-on, and you're audibly relishing the moment. Then I sit on your lap and you smoothly enter me all the way. The rocking of the boat indicates the rhythm, we're intensely enjoying this until I can feel it surging through my whole body, I shriek and can feel your whole body tense up. When we lie in each others arms fully satisfied, I notice that we might be closer to that beach than we might have thought. One of the beachgoers is looking in our direction with a lot of interest. I briefly jolt. But then I think again: who cares...?


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