Happy birthday – an erotic story by m.


Eagerly I open my mail.
A new message.
Delighted I open the mail and click on the link in the text.
A few seconds later the screen of my laptop fills with small thumbnails. These are the photos from my boudoir photoshoot last week.
I feel a tickle of excitement in my belly.
I click on the first picture and a larger version appears on the screen. I see myself, draped on a Chesterfield couch, in luxurious lingerie.
In the next photo I am sitting a little more upright on the couch, in the same lingerie ensemble. As I click through the photos, I think back to the photoshoot.

I was tense to start of with, posing felt quite uncomfortable. On the other hand, I was excited & curious about how such a sexy photoshoot would go.
Thank goodness, the photographer quickly put me at ease and her assistant was helpful and relaxed too.
I brought along all kinds of exclusive lingerie. An ensemble with lace, a variety of bras, strings and panties, suspenders, a nice bustier and beautiful stockings in black and nude.
I had posed in different outfits, always in a variety of positions, obediently following the instructions of the photographer. It was like being a Victoria's Secret Angel. It was fun and exciting. And at times, a bit uncomfortable.

On my screen, I now see myself in a nice balconette bra, with a sexy thong.
Proudly I admire my legs, my well filled bosom...very stylish, sexy photos.
The pictures that follow show me changing my lingerie, in different poses. I see legs and buttocks, a lot of cleavage.
I click further and feel a wee jolt of tension.
I remember that the photos became more and more nude towards the end of the session, my lingerie more daring.
Encouraged by the photographer, I eventually even took off my thong and posed almost naked.
I'm very curious about those photos…
I click on the next thumbnail; the screen shows me in a new pose.
I hold my breath for a moment.


Now I am sitting upright, almost straight in front of the camera, my upper body leaning slightly forward. I look into the lens of the camera. A provocative look in my eyes.
I am only wearing a beautiful open cup Bordelle bra, a pair of neutral stockings, and high heels. My legs apart, bold, a proper man-spread with stiletto heels and stockings.
My right knee and my posture make sure I don’t reveal everything on camera.
I felt so insecure about this position. Feeling so exposed without string or panties; I wondered if my breasts would come out beautiful in this pose.
I am gazing at this photograph attentively and with a critical eye.
Here I am in a beautiful open bra, sexily framing my breasts, me bending over slightly, making my breasts hang a little, making them look voluptuously full. The thin stockings giving my legs a subtle shine. My naked lower body, in a pose that leaves just enough to the imagination.
And the high heels make the whole pose fierce, powerful, feminine, proud.

I click the next photo. A similar pose, leaning slightly more forward. And my legs a bit further apart.
My right knee is not hiding anything anymore.
I look at the screen of my laptop in breathless awe.

I had a plan; I wanted to give you a framed enlargement of one of the photographs as a gift, as a surprise, because you don’t know anything about my boudoir photoshoot.
For a moment I consider whether I am courageous enough to do this. Me in this pose, so powerful, provocative, so shamelessly exposed, framed on the wall ...?

I go back to the mail program, to the mail from the photographer.
I enter the number of the photo with my heart pounding in my throat.
Then I click on 'Send'.

Happy Birthday, darling...


Images: Pinterest