Leather lingerie


Leather Lingerie - Lesson

It feels so good against the skin. It has a bold erotic appearance or a butter-soft sensual one.
And oh my! How sexcellent to use in luxury lingerie!
Do you go for leather lingerie with Nappa leather that is known for its softness & durability (often lamb leather/sheep leather), patent leather for a blissfully cool chic shine or do you prefer pleather / faux leather?

It is all possible for a Bondage or BDSM look and often beautiful when combined with, for example, beautiful lace, for that succulently sexy, but romantic, boudoir-worthy allure…

You're Not Gonna Hide Leather Lingerie, Do Ya?

Just like erotic clothing that incorporates leather or is completely composed of leather, you, of course, want to show off your leather lingerie.
And with a lot of leather lingerie items, that is more than possible.
Let it shine through from underneath a transparent top or dress.
From under a jacket, sweater or blouse with a plunging decolleté.
Wear the leather lingerie harnesses over your outerwear, for a bold, seductive look…

We love versatility & lingerie as outerwear!

Leather Lingerie Brands At Pleasurements

You will find the most beautiful, luxurious high-end designer lingerie at Pleasurements.
Which also means the chicest luxury leather lingerie brands.
With pleasure, we explore the lingerie world in search of only the ultimate, sublimest leather lingerie.
Among the gems of lingerie designers who love to incorporate leather in their lingerie and that we are only too happy to have in our collections are:
Loveday London, Fraulein Kink, the Model Traitor & Edge o Beyond.

What are you waiting for as a genuine lingerie lover?
What else can lust more after than luxury leather lingerie?

Exquisite and bold with a chic BDSM look, uber-romantic with a daring touch and in any which way always lushly erotic, sensual and mega sexy…