The first act



I will soon see him again in the theater.
The ticket was on my desk this morning, in a white envelope without a sender. It smelled like him. A hint, nothing more, but unmistakable.

With a tingling tension in my stomach, I put on my new lingerie. Black, chic and very sexy. I wear the Plumeria open bra by Coco de Mer, a very special bra with lace quarter cups and wide transparent straps crossing my cleavage. I wear it with a matching waspie, also with beautiful lace, slightly transparent, wrinkled fabric with short suspenders. Ideal for attaching my black bak-seamed stockings onto. Over it, I wear a tight knee-length skirt and a tight-fitting turtleneck. Covered, almost prudish, but it emphasizes all my curves. I choose a pair of stunning towering, shiny black Louboutins. Sitting down I slip on the high heels, then I stand up. They force me to straighten up, tighten my buttocks and push my breasts forward. Just getting used to the altitude again…I walk a few steps back and forth, relaxed, rocking my hips. Killer legs - he won't be able to take his eyes off them.

About an hour later, in the theater, I find my seat number. It's a seat in one of the highest lodges, the last seat in a row. The seat next to it is still empty. I sit down, a little tense. The hall is already quite full. Another five minutes, then it starts, but the seat next to me remains empty. Only when the lights go out do I see people standing in line next to me to let someone through. In the near darkness, I see his sharp jawline, the white collar of his shirt. I smell his scent. My heart is pounding.

He kisses me on the cheek and sits down. I lean towards him. Teasingly, a little punitive, I say, "It's not very chic, to keep a lady waiting…"
He softly apologizes, happily smiling. The woman sitting next to him on the other side casts an upset glance our way. I put a finger to my lips, sit back and cross my legs. I make sure that the split of my skirt shows a lot of leg. He puts his hand on my knee, my skirt slides up further. In the dark, he admires the soft shine of my smooth stockings. The hand slides up further, feeling the strap of my stocking, then the clip of the suspender. He whispers in my ear, "You look fantastic …" Smiling, I whisper back, "Just wait until you see the rest…"

It seems to take hours until the intermission. When the light comes on I walk out of the room in front of him. I feel him looking at my legs, at the red soles of my towering heels. In the wide hallway, he takes my hand and pulls me towards the toilets, where there is a long queue. We walk past it, go through a door that says 'no access'. Round a corner, down a few steps and back through a closed door. Apparently, he knows his way around here. Behind it, it's semi-dark and quiet. I see large square crates or boxes. We don't waste time, we are both too excited. I lean forward, leaning on one of the metal boxes, and feel my skirt slide up. The tight waspie stretches over my buttocks, with my stockings attached. I quickly release the suspender clips at the back with one hand. I feel my buttocks being bared. I am so aroused by now.

He presses his lower body against me. I feel his stiff manhood high against the inside of my thigh, I reach between my legs, help him to slide inside me. He takes me standing up, rough, impatient. The excitement and lust wave through my body, delicious and hot and urgent. I get a firm smack on my bare ass, one more, even harder. I feel my buttock glowing, a yelp of pleasure escapes me. Soon, far too quickly, I feel him wildly shuddering, then his rhythm slows down. I want more, much more of this and longer, I make him promise that I get what I want later tonight. Panting, he promises me everything I want. Still on my legs, I fasten my stockings again and straighten my skirt.

With a flushed blush on our cheeks, we walk back to the hall and find our seats again.
The light is already dimmed; the second act is about to start.


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