The art of erotism


Go back in time, waaaaaaaaaaaay back and you'll see all the quite familiar paintings by true masters of ancient times... Look closely at these paintings, paintings we've all admired forever in the likes of museums. You'll find, maybe deliciously obscured, maybe fully drenched in sexuality, erotism and its symbols, in more paintings than you could ever have realised. Fantasies, lewd ones at that, have been on the human mind since our very existence, I suppose...

Still to this day, erotism, sex, fetishes and all, often times wallow in secrecy, discretion and taboos... And maybe it's just thrilling and lusciously rousing to keep it this way, it makes it just that, maybe this is just what makes it art too?

Nude, fantastically lewd, lustfully sensuous, lasciviously secretive, sexually obscure, thrilling, erotic masterpieces is what we are...


Images : François Lemoyne, Adam and Eve, ca. 1688 – 1737 Jheronimus Bosch, The garden of earthly delights, ca. 1480-1505 Joseph-Siffrein Duplessis, Marie-Louise, Princesse de Lamballe, ca. 1749 Niccolo Frangipane, Allegoria dell'autunno, ca. 1597