Wear a crown


The lingerie, the outfit, the heels, the make-up... And now I wanted to add something luxuriously beautiful to my hair, something that is reminiscent of Art Deco & the roaring, kinda wild, sexy twenties, something that has shimmer, something that crowns feminity.

With luscious pleasure, I had adorned myself with the stunning black Coeur Lace Bodysuit from Cadolle and over this, I decided to wear my black, spicy, racy Patrice Catanzaro Kitty Dress (This dress shows off the lace heart of the Cadolle Bodysuit beautifully). To give it all a little more panache, I added the sheer black Sia Bolero from Patrice Catanzaro. These pieces, the materials, that heavenly lace, shaping magnificently to the body, are just so deliciously feminine.

And now for le 'petit' moment suprême....

I don't often search the web for genuinely gorgeous, high-end, exclusive hair accessories and tumbled from one site to the next. After quite a few hours, I came across a beaut on the site of France Luxe! There were so many more handcrafted delights on the France Luxe site, it was just filled to the brim with hair jewelry & accessories, but I had succumbed to a handmade Butterfly comb; craftmanship, masterly, with a little twenties vibe and just the right sparkle factor in Swarovski Crystals. The Butterfly comb I had chosen, has grandeur, is big enough to symbolically act as a crown and embellish womanhood...

Where is my throne?!


image sources: Pinterest & France Luxe