E.L.F. Zhou London

It is our pleasure to re-introduce E.L.F. Zhou London to Pleasurements exclusive luxury lingerie boutique. Rediscover the high quality designs of erotic lingerie, leather lingerie, and even luxury BDSM accessories from the United Kingdom.
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E.L.F. Zhou London, highly exclusive luxury lingerie  from United Kingdom. 

E.L.F. Zhou is an innovative luxury lingerie brand that is both fashionable as it is erotic. Each piece is designed to flatter the female body the best way possible. Only the most exclusive locally sourced materials are being used, this to ensure a luxurious feel and look and to create the most electrifying eye-candies. From leather lingerie, erotic lingerie, lace lingerie, sheer mesh bodysuits to avant-garde leather accessories, E.L.F Zhou has it all. A fashion forward luxury lingerie brand that takes over the world of exclusive lingerie by storm. 


Indulge yourself with an E.L.F. Zhou London creation. It's an indulgence for your wardrobe, your body and your love life. Discover both their Classic and Fashion collections, both have quite a showstopping effect. The Fashion lingerie collections will only be available during Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer. However the Classic lingerie collections are available all year long. 


This season we see a lot of lace and bondage inspired details in the E.L.F. Zhou Aster & Pitch lingerie collections. Gorgeous luxury lingerie with timeless elegance. Perfect for the self consious woman who loves to show off her femininity.


For those who adore a bit more boldness, E.L.F. Zhou London presents their fashionable Classic lingerie collections; Liquorice, Dahlia and Onyx. Liquorice is a strong leather lingerie with sexy cut-outs, Dahlia however is all about see through lingerie with strappy details and Onyx complements both with its bondage inspired elements. 


Besides creating exclusive luxury lingerie eye-candies, E.L.F. Zhou also creates the most daring leather accessories under the name Leather Artefact. Leather accessories that can be worn as a fashion accessory or as a bondage accessory inside your bedroom. Leather artefacts that bring the world of BDSM and fashion closer together.


As you can see, E.L.F. Zhou London belongs at Pleasurements. After all, here at Pleasurements we stand for luxury and exclusivity. We adore their fascinating creations, their longline bras are magnificent, their open bras very sexy, their suspenders beautiful and their bottoms are true panty pleasures.


Indulge yourself with an E.L.F. Zhou London creation. It's the perfect addition to your love life.