Sian High Neck Bra Honey

Ontwerper:Edge O' Beyond
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  • Orange
  • Gemakkelijk en snel 15 dagen retourneren
  • Wereldwijde Express DDP-levering
  • Mooie geschenkdoos en discrete verzending

More enticing than honey itself, the Sian High Neck Bra will captivate your attention. The fusion of gold and crimson delicately embraces your skin through a unique honeycomb embroidery. Redesigned as a high-neck bra, her grand cutouts are designed to captivate, ensuring your assets are elegantly showcased. Adorned with delicate bees, Sian is poised to lift your spirits with joy. Finished with adjustable crown-inspired straps and opulent 24k gold hardware, Sian embodies unparalleled luxury. The moment has come to immerse yourselves in the enchanting realm of honeycomb paradise.

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