Cadolle, luxury lingerie from France. The Cadolle brand is one of the first luxury lingerie brands in the world. Cadolle has been around for over 120 years and is still run by the well-known Cadolle family. And the French lingerie brand Cadolle has certainly not stood still in the past 120 years. Cadolle still stands for exclusive European lingerie that radiates pure luxury and craftsmanship.
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Cadolle Lingerie


Going back in time to the origins of luxury lingerie, we end up in Paris, France, where we find the fantastic Cadolle. Cadolle is one of the oldest luxury lingerie brands and has been around for over 120 years. Even after all these years, Cadolle has remained a family business for over six generations. The pioneer of this iconic brand is Herminie Cadolle; she was the first to free women from their corsets and invented the bra.


Each Cadolle showpiece is the perfect combination of beauty and craftsmanship. The high quality has not changed, but Cadolle has not stood still in the past 120 years. We hear you thinking, what has changed about this designer lingerie brand? While the values ​​of fashion, beauty, elegance and refined tailoring remain, Cadolle continues to surprise us with the most sensual new designs and timeless classics.


Enjoy luxurious French lingerie with an erotic edge, thanks to cupless bras. Cadolle is characterized by high-waisted briefs and corsets to create a spectacular hourglass figure with a retro chic look. The high waist briefs are characterized by two zip panels at the front and a silk ribbon corset look at the back. Wear a matching erotic open bra to complete the classic retro chic look.


Cadolle adorns the female figure like no other to ensure that you can show off that spectacular silhouette, because Cadolle lingerie is simply too special to hide. So treat your spectator(s) to a sensational show with your retro chic erotic luxury lingerie look.