Fräulein Kink

It’s all in the name, kinky luxury bondage, and erotic lingerie. All of Fraulein Kink’s luxurious BDSM accessories and leather lingerie are handmade in a private atelier in Berlin. Touches of golden hardware, patent leather, velvet, fringe tassels, and ostrich feathers add the perfect pleasure to bondage accessories like ropes, whips, blindfolds. Are you already in desperate need of some restraints?

Are you in need of some luxury bondage restraints?

Enter the world of your deepest desires with Fräulein Kink and bring your fantasy to life with erotic leather lingerie & luxury bondage. Fräulein Kink was founded in October 2010 and rejoices us ever since with luxury bondage and leather lingerie. Perfect luxurious BDSM accessories and leather lingerie, all handmade from a private atelier in Berlin. European lingerie designer Fräulein Kink stands for the perfect blend of sex and fashion. Each Fräulein Kink item is made by hand and therefore oozes luxury and abundance. Signature materials like leather, velvet, gold plated hardware, fringe tassels, and even luxurious ostrich feathers empower the Fraulein Kink collection. This luxury bondage designer brand creates the most seductive erotic showpieces to tantalize and tease the night away. If you're still exploring the pleasures of BDSM, you might think;

What is the difference between luxury bondage and normal bondage?

It's all about the looks and quality. Fräulein Kink offers a wide range of restraints and teasers made of high-end quality for both beginners and experts in BDSM, which oozes style all over. Indulge in provocative erotic fashionable designs like sensual suspenders, leather harnesses, leads, restraints, handcuffs, pasties, and many more. Or step up your erotic love game with luxury BDSM accessories like bondage ropes, gags, whips, floggers, feathers, masks, and blindfolds. All again made of the highest quality.

Fräulein Kink strives to keep things playful, fashionable, elegant, and feminine. Her leather lingerie collection and luxury bondage collections are versatile and trendsetting and can be worn both in and outside the bedroom. Make a strong fashion statement while entering the world of BDSM and submit to your deepest desires. Discover the pleasures of BDSM with a wide range of luxury bondage & leather lingerie and submit in the name of love with the sensual Fräulein Kink collection at Pleasurements.