European lingerie

Discover the most high-end European lingerie designers like Bordelle, Studio PIA, Tisja Damen, Amoralle, Fraulein Kink, and many more at Pleasurements. European lingerie stands for high-quality, luxury, and an ethical lingerie aesthetic. 

European lingerie
Botanica Suspender Light Blue
€ 217 € 309 Bordelle
Bondage Belle Cupless Bra Black
€ 179 Bordelle
Art Deco Harness Black
€ 149 Bordelle

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What is European lingerie?

Luxury lingerie from Europe can either mean that the lingerie designer is housed in Europe, the fabrics and materials come from European countries, the creation process is in Europe, or a combination of these three. Luxury lingerie brands choose for housing, creation, and resources in Europe because European lingerie stands for the highest quality, luxury, and sustainability standards. A few of our favorite erotic lingerie brands from Europe are Bordelle, Tisja Damen, Studio PIA, Amoralle, Fraulein Kink, Escora, and many more.

Discover luxury lingerie from Europe

For example, bondage lingerie designer Bordelle creates European lingerie from their atelier in Europe, with designs coming from the London headquarters and fabrics and materials from all over Europe, like Swiss embroidered tulle and the signature 24k gold plated hardware from France. Silk lingerie designer Studio PIA gets their organic peace-silk from India while creating and craftsmanship is done by hand in Europe. Lace lingerie designer Tisja Damen holds her very own atelier in Amsterdam, where she creates the most extraordinary pieces by hand from laces coming from Calais and Italy. Leather lingerie designer Fraulein Kink creates laser-cut patent leather designs by hand in the atelier in Berlin.

You see how rich Europe is with its European lingerie designers, most extraordinary materials, and craftsmanship. Furthermore, European lingerie is ethically produced under fair working conditions and with sustainable, high-quality materials with non-toxic edits. All this results in more costly expensive lingerie, but then European lingerie is an absolute luxury lingerie investment in your love life, one that is more than worth it.