Black & gold


Do you recall, that after...ahum…breakfast I was going to go on a little shopping spree? To find an impeccable showstopper of an outfit for a party I will be attending in a few days! The theme of the party is Black & Gold and we are required to be masked or veiled.

Well, I finally had my breakfast, a few even… Yeah, well, I stayed a few naughty, luscious days and nights! I had the best and the sexiest time with the mystery photographer, we now know as Lucien. He had to fly out to L.A. today for a lingerie shoot for Chantal Thomass.

So I am wandering through the 16th arrondissement of Paris, looking for a that beautiful lingerie boutique, this one lady with the gorgeous combination of gold and black dresses told me about a few days back.

I found it! I found the lingerie boutique and I pranced in to be met with the most lavish pieces including bellissimo haute couture designs. The stuff I absolutely love! I am going to spend a few hours in here, that’s for sure!

After I tried some stunning combinations of black and gold ensembles, I actually picked a few to take home with me, I couldn’t leave choosing just one outfit or lingerie set!

Now I just need to find a shop for Venetian masks and hopefully veils, so I asked the lingerie boutique owner if she knew of any shops like that.

She did and enlightened me that she knows a place, run by an Italian guy, who makes and sells stunning masks and lace veils for that matter. She added that he is quite a hunk and I won’t have any trouble spending a few hours there too...she gave me a naughty smile followed by a wink. She gave me directions and I left the sexy ambiance of this ultra charming erotic lingerie boutique.

On to my next little adventure? On to my next adventure I go!

With Pleasure, Ms. P.