Breakfast in lingerie


….I got kinda dressed that morning for my breakfast across the street.

I was going to meet the stranger with the gorgeous smile who took my pictures, while I was just (barely) wearing my negligee earlier that morning, not that he was aware of my visit…..yet.

So I donned myself in the irresistible luxury of a champagne and black lingerie ensemble from Bordelle, a pair of sumptuous stockings and my latest Louboutins and that was that…..and that was all.

Oooh! Forgot something in all the excitement! Can’t leave the comfort of my penthouse in just lingerie, without a little Chanel shimmer - No.84 - on my lips and a dash of hypnotizing perfume down my cleavage!

I grab my trench coat, drape it over my Bordelle lingerie and I am out of the door, to the building across the road in the 16th Arrondissement, Paris…..

I hope I can locate this mystery of a man with his gorgeous smile and his huge telephoto lens he handled so comfortably.

I can’t wait to see...ahum...how the pictures turned out!

With Pleasure, Ms. P.