Stockings, hold ups or stay ups? We've got a luxury collection of glamorous, delectable, gorgeous nylons for you, from exclusive lingerie designer brands & hosiery labels like Maison Close, Chantal Thomass, Cervin, Amoralle and other greats...

Cut & Curled Seamed Stockings 20D Nude & Black
€ 35 Maison Close

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Opaque Stockings Black
€ 39
Capri Nylon Hold Ups 15D
€ 19 Cervin
Seduction Couture Nylon Hold Ups Black
€ 19 Cervin

Usually, the suspender is called the cherry on your luxury lingerie look. But let's not forget about the things you attach to your suspenders... stockings. Whether you choose stockings, hold-ups, socks, or stay-ups, it will give your sexy legs an even more sensual appeal. Especially on a special night out, wearing your erotic lingerie underneath your sexy dress with your killer heels, the perfect pair of stockings is unmissable. 

Just have a fabulous look at the glam cut and curl stockings, for example, with or without a sexy back seam. Or do you prefer nylon stockings with a higher top? Or maybe a pair of sensual, elegant socks? We've got stockings to please, to tease, to seduce, to beautify, to lure and entice. Pair and mix them with suspenders, garters, and of course, your sublime exclusive lingerie.

How to choose the right size in stockings? 

Since hosiery is not allowed to return, it can be useful to know your size. Often the size for stockings, stay-ups, or hold-ups is one or even two sizes larger than your regular size. Especially if you're quite tall, like our model (1.80m), we recommend a size larger.

Spoil your lovely legs, with sumptuous, ravishing thigh-high stockings, stay ups or hold ups by exclusive lingerie designers & hosiery labels such as Maison Close, Chantal Thomass, Cervin, Amoralle and you'll leave a lingering, lavish impression not only in the boudoir but also outside... These luxuriously glamtastic, sexy or classy classic stockings, whether they're hold ups, cut & curl or stay ups, just beg to be shown off...