Erotic story by m.


Love is blind...

I am standing in the middle of the room, next to the bed. I am wearing a pair of stunning stockings from Amoralle. And my very sexy Jimmy Choo's. And nothing further. Just like you instructed.

What do you have there? A mask? No, it's a blindfold. Hmm...very rousing.

Darkness. No orientation. sounds I can't put my finger on. I can feel movements around me. What's happening?

I am still standing in the middle of the room. Waiting. Suddenly I feel something. Just below my naked breasts. Startled, I hold my breath. What am I feeling? Soft, but tight. A rope.

I can feel it being wrapped around my body, no, bound. Back to the front, now over my full, soft breasts. I feel hands. Yours...? Both parts of the rope come down between my breasts. I feel the rope being wound tightly around my left breast. A little tug. Ouch! My natural breast is being bound very taut. I can feel that the bloodcirculation is stagnating. My breast feels tight, taut. A bit painful...but also rather tantalizing. Then the rope goes up, over my shoulder. My right breast gets the same treatment. Just as tight. That part of the rope also goes over my shoulder.

Two hands on my hips swivel me around. I stagger a bit on my thin high heels, looking for my balance. De ropes are being tied together at the back of my neck. Another little tug, even tighter. Painful, but also very arousing. I can feel it in my tummy.

I raise my hands and carefully feel my taut breasts. Feeling the rope that is so tightly bound around them. My breathing accelerates from excitement. I can't see you, I hear something, but don't know what it is.

Then I can feel your hands, your fingetrtips, groping my taut breasts. Shudders surge through my body. Your hands are enjoying my full, bound spheres. Usually ever so soft, now hard and tight. You're punishing me, you punish my breasts, because they are not perfectly firm, too soft, too heavy. Delightful.

My hands look for your body, they find your abdomen, your hips. I feel that you're naked, I feel that you're aroused. Enormously aroused. Me too. I kiss your shoulder, you suck my hard nipple, I scream, from pain and pleasure. You make me walk backwards, two, three paces, unsteady on my high stilleto heels. My thin stockings audibly rustling when they slide over one another. I can feel the hard cold door against my back. Your hand grabbing my smooth left leg, lifting it high. One thrust and you're suddenly in me, big, hard, you're so mighty aroused, I can feel it. Rough, impatient, merciless. Go on, I deserve it. You deserve it. My tightly bound breasts are bobbing to the rhythm of my rapid breathing. Loud pleasure. I stagger on my one high heel, my leg nearly buckled, but your big hard penis pins me roughly against the door, it doesn't give me a chance. Then light, bright light, in all colors, pulsating, blinding... And then back to darkness. Your rapid breathe. Mine.


Images: Pinterest & Pleasurements