Tie me up, cuff me! Gently, firmly, sassy and absolutely classy! In a previous blog, I briefly touched on the subject of Eichholtz. And since that exquisite visit to the Apollo hotel Amsterdam, I had been totally entranced by the birdcage chair from Eichholtz...the Bora Bora.

Just imagine; Such a beaut, a gorgeous scrumptious piece of furniture, total eyecandy, the shine & then the bars that look like (s)excellent potential for quite a few erotic escapades... Lewd, juicy, sexy fantasies are running wild! Can you also see gold detailed handcuffs dangling from these shiny bars? Shall we involve a blindfold at this point?

Ooh! Just tie me up, cuff me to this tantalizing piece of luxury, this Eichholtz birdcage chair! Gently, firmly, but ever so sassy and absolutely classy!

Can you imagine?

I  y e a r n  f o r  t h i s  c h a i r ! I  w a n t  t h i s  c h a i r !


Image sources: Eichholtz & Pinterest

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