Showtime~an erotic story by m.


You picked up my hint rather quickly. I showed you the Ena open bra by Studio PIA yesterday in my favorite webshop. As if he just happened to appear on my screen while I was browsing the shop. Of course, I knew you would like this. I know your taste by now. And you didn't have to contemplate about it for very long: The parcel arrived today. The Ena open bra, a beautiful suspender belt, a sexy thong.

In the mirror, my reflexion shows that the low cups expose a lot, but still have a subtle lifting effect. Subtle but very sexy. Grateful for the helpful lady behind the webshop: she understood exactly what I meant when I asked her about an open bra that would still support my natural bosom gorgeously. I look at my bum, over which the black straps of the Soraya suspenders are stretched. My legs look magnificent in the black back seamed stockings, slim and sharply defined. Smiling, yet a little tense, I put on my highest heels. Showtime.

Swaying my hips, I slowly walk into the living room where you are waiting. You silently admire your gift, my new lingerie. My stockinged legs, my round buttocks, my natural bosom. I await your response, questioningly looking at you. 'And?'
You enjoy the view a few more seconds before you answer. "It suits you amazingly baby…it's totally made for your body, your legs, your breasts, your delicious ass…Super sexy."
Proudly I walk back and forth a few steps, show you my naked lower regions, framed by the black straps of the suspender belt.
A smile glides over your lips. "…The string?"
I put on an innocent face. "I didn't think it was necessary…"

I turn around. "Do you want to pull the shoulder straps a little more taut, darling…?"
I hear you get up. Feel your hands on my back, by the shoulder straps of my bra. The straps are tightening one by one, lifting up my bosom a little higher. You can't keep your hands off me - as I hoped. They affectionately lift up my soft shapes. Your strong body pressed against my back, your warm lips in my neck. I enjoy the moment, with eyes shut.

You then let go of my breasts; they drop loosely. A little uncertain I ask: "…Are they not too heavy for such a daring bra?" You excitedly whisper in my ear that you just love them. Your hands now glide to my naked tushy, to the straps of my suspender. I turn around again, put my arms around your neck and press my lips on yours. Greedy, eager, moist, warm, sweet. I want more now. You too. I quickly help you out of your shirt and pants, my hand feel that you are already very aroused. I feel the length of your handsome stiff penis, enclose it firmly with my hand and make long, powerful movements.

We end up on the wide loungly sofa. I am on my knees now, leaning forward. You stand behind me, very close to me. Lustfully, you whisper in my ear what you're going to do with me. I feel an extra tension, an even hotter excitement. Feel your hands on my naked buttocks; then your delicious powerful erection between them. I close my eyes; slowly you enter me. It's a little harder from there. You do it carefully but you feel so big, so hard, so overwhelming. I am at the mercy, defenseless.

As we make love, a hand glides over my leg, over my thin, transparent stocking. Up, along my hip, further, reaching my soft breasts, kneading them firmly, enjoying yourself to the fullest. It's getting tough for you to control yourself now. Your strong hard body feels tense, roughly forcing me into the cushions of the couch. I am dragged into your ecstatic state, feel uncontrollable waves wash over me, waves of intense pleasure, of utter delight. It feels like it's going on forever until you finally let out a deep, long sigh and relax.

A little later we lie close together, still basking in our afterglow. You glide a finger along the shoulder strap of my bra. Then move it towards the edge of the low quarter cup, to the curve of my chest resting on it.
"Absolutely beautiful…" you whisper full of admiration.


Images: Pleasurements & Pinterest