Studio PIA

...Oh, Studio PIA! Do we hear the happy, the sexy, the stunningly gorgeous pitter patter of a very ethical, eco-friendly & environmentally sound, organic, exclusive lingerie footprint?
Can this actually be done!?!
Yes! Magnificent, beautiful, luxurious erotic lingerie can be designed, manufactured & crafted with a better world in mind indeed.

Founded in 2016, Studio PIA is a flourishing exclusive lingerie brand from London that highly values the environmental impact of their products and support the ethical treatment of workers in their supply chain. With this in mind, each item is made with the finest ethical materials from Europe & peace silk produced in India. And all of Studio PIA's exclusive lingerie is handmade in small ateliers throughout the U.K.

Studio PIA strongly believes that carefully choosing, ethically and where possible organically produced fabrics & materials for all their exclusive lingerie, doesn't mean you should sacrifice a stunning, erotic lingerie style. Studio PIA pulls this off with exquisite finesse & luxurious sophistication...

So, what's 'peace silk', you wonder?
Peace silk is an organic, cruelty-free silk, which is produced in Jharkhand, India - empowering disadvantaged local communities.

And the other materials, like their gloriously, glistening clasps, rings and sliders are all 24k gold plated, manufactured by trusted suppliers in France. All their materials and other support fabrics come from within Europe, using up end-of-line stock where possible and they always search for more eco-friendly alternatives.

The result of Studio PIA's eco-friendly, ethical & environmentally sound, absolutely gorgeous craftmanship, is their majestic, exclusive, erotic lingerie, which truly oozes luxury and fabulous feminine elegance. Erotic, sensual, exclusive lingerie with a beautiful heart, that will make you feel good on the outside AND the inside, you'll feel hap-PIA than ever before!

With a happy heart and with the utmost pleasure, we present to you the stunningly alluring Studio PIA Ena, Soraya & Clea collections in black.


Jalsa Harness Suspender Green
€ 219 Studio PIA