Sexy sock-ism



With all that abundance in beautiful lingerie, a pair of gorgeous stockings won't go amiss…
That's why we also like wearing suspenders, right?
Sexy leg covers, stockings that compliment you & your luxury lingerie at its most sensual.


At Pleasurements we already had beautiful stockings; glamorous stockings, back seam stockings and sexy socks…even lacy ones!
And the aesthetics around hosiery has sublimely matured; socks and stockings have never really been out of the picture or anything, but right now there seems to be quite a revival in the stocking-istic emporium in the widest sense of the word…
Of course you anticipate on that, right?
The same counts for Pleasurements, for sure!

And so it came to be that a pair of rocking, jet-black, gloriously gleaming, opaque stockings came into existence and saw the sultry shimmer of the boudoir-worthy dimmed light…
How stunningly perfect will these look, with your luxurious (faux) leather lingerie ensemble?
Or with lots of other erotic lingerie attire, for example under the Chambre Noir string body by Maison Close.
Of course also these irresistible, super sexy hold-up stockings, with its bold, but sensual leather-look, are now available at Pleasurements!

These Pleasurements stockings are a lush & lusty feast for the eyes…

Lots of love & Stocking Happiness,