Hats; make a stylish statement, because the hat is cool, beautiful, sexy or wearable art …
A fedora, a beautiful flamingo hat, a simple, or beautifully decorated one, but always sleek & stylish …
An iconic bit of luxury to amp up and enrich your designer wardrobe.

There're many hat designers or milliners in this world and to one hat maker we'd like to shine the lime-light on for a moment.
And that is on Eudia.
Because the story behind Eudia, now based in London, started in Amsterdam with milliner Evelien Gentis - Smit.
With her passion for hats and fashion, years of experience and studies in both Amsterdam & Buenos Aires, she's already achieved many beautiful things in the hat world…
What do you think of, among other things, features in Vogue, Elle, L'Officiel etc.?
And beautiful collabs!

We take our hats of to you!

Be well-hatted and hat over (Did you see what I did there?) to the site of Eudia & enjoy all the hat-fabulousness!

~ You can leave your hat on baby ~


Images: Eudia

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