I entered the Chanel boutique and was greeted by its luxurious ambiance. I walked up to the particularly handsome male assistant. I asked if he could help me further in one of the private areas and he said he certainly could. In the private area you can change yourself into the outfit, you want your new shoes to match with. Of course I already mentioned the magnificent shoes I had in mind and he would have them ready and waiting for me.

I donned myself in my outfit, the beautiful layered mix of Amoralle and Marjolaine dresses, put on my stockings I took along with me and underneath it all, I was wearing my stunning new Patrice Catanzaro lingerie.

I opened the curtain and the guy was on one knee, getting ‘les chaussures’ ready for me, when he looked up with a glint in his eyes. He paused for a moment with what he was doing and asked me to take a seat on that pouf. After he gazed up at me and as he gave me an approving smile, he gently started to rub my feet and tootsies. I thought it was a bit awkward for the first few seconds, but then a soft delighted moan escaped me… After all, I had been walking through quite a bit of Paris and my feet were a bit tense. He made all the strains melt away…

Then he placed one of my feet on his… ahum crotch area and I could feel something rising to attention, so to speak. Without batting an eyelid he proceeded to slip my choice of shoes onto my feet ever so gently… God! He must really love his job!

The shoes fitted like a glove and superbly matched my sexy ensemble. He then asked me to stand up and walk around on them for a little. They felt awesome and I gave the guy a broad smile. He motioned me to sit down again and he slipped the shoes from my feet. He caressed them a little again and then all of a sudden he moved his moist lips towards my stockinged feet and slowly placed a kiss on top of each one, while tenderly cupping the bottom of my feet…

Who knew that, his hot breath and him softly kissing my feet and tootsies would send this wonderful sensuous sensation throughout my body? Quite frankly… absolutely did! He certainly made sure he sealed the deal...this guy is a god given pro. I think feet are his fetish and I certainly am warming up to the idea too…

With my tootsies happily jeweled, my mask and my attire complete, I can now say that I am sensationally and satisfyingly prepared for the ‘Fête De Folie Masqué’, which is upon us…

With  Pleasure, Ms. P.


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