Fräulein Kink

Fräulein Kink

Het zit allemaal in de naam, kinky luxe bondage en erotische lingerie. Alle luxe BDSM-accessoires en leren lingerie van Fraulein Kink worden met de hand gemaakt in een privéatelier in Berlijn. Gouden hardware, lakleer, fluweel, kwastjes met franjes en struisvogelveren voegen het elegantie en klasse toe aan bondage-accessoires zoals touwen, zwepen, blinddoeken.

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  1. Rica Feather Teaser Zwart
    Designer:Fräulein Kink Rica Feather Teaser Zwart
    Regular price
  2. Jet Feather Teaser Zwart
    Designer:Fräulein Kink Jet Feather Teaser Zwart
    Regular price
  3. Lavish Bondage Touw Goud
    Designer:Fräulein Kink Lavish Bondage Touw Goud
    Regular price
  4. Champagne Feather Teaser Goud
    Designer:Fräulein Kink Champagne Feather Teaser Goud
    Regular price
  5. FK Deluxe Veren Teaser Zwart
    Designer:Fräulein Kink FK Deluxe Veren Teaser Zwart
    Regular price
  6. FK Leren Taille Riem Zwart
    Designer:Fräulein Kink FK Leren Taille Riem Zwart
    Regular price
  7. Ricco Bondage Touw 5M.
    Designer:Fräulein Kink Ricco Bondage Touw 5M.
    Regular price
  8. Sex Tulle Handschoenen Zwart
    Designer:Fräulein Kink Sex Tulle Handschoenen Zwart
    Regular price
  9. Sex Armband Zwart
    Designer:Fräulein Kink Sex Armband Zwart
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  10. Nero Pom Bondage Touw Zwart
    Designer:Fräulein Kink Nero Pom Bondage Touw Zwart
    Regular price
  11. Elbow Tulle Handschoenen Zwart
    Designer:Fräulein Kink Elbow Tulle Handschoenen Zwart
    Regular price
  12. Opera Tulle Handschoenen Zwart
    Designer:Fräulein Kink Opera Tulle Handschoenen Zwart
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  13. Caviar Bondage Touw Zwart
    Designer:Fräulein Kink Caviar Bondage Touw Zwart
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  14. Lush Veren Teaser Bruin
    Designer:Fräulein Kink Lush Veren Teaser Bruin
    Regular price
  15. Bianco Bondage Touw Ivoor
    Designer:Fräulein Kink Bianco Bondage Touw Ivoor
    Regular price
  16. Red Hot Teaser
    Designer:Fräulein Kink Red Hot Teaser
    Regular price

Fräulein Kink: Where Luxury Meets Desire

Fräulein Kink, a renowned name in the world of sensual indulgence and intimate exploration, invites you to step into a realm where luxury knows no bounds. Founded in 2010 and based in a private atelier in Berlin, Fräulein Kink has become synonymous with opulence, craftsmanship, and passion for blending sensuality with high fashion.

Luxury Meets Desire

At the heart of Fräulein Kink lies a dedication to crafting an array of tantalizing experiences, all centered around the intersection of desire and luxury. The brand's collection encompasses a wide range of sumptuous offerings that redefine the art of pleasure.

Sensual Lingerie

Fräulein Kink's erotic lingerie, meticulously designed and handcrafted, beckons you to embrace your innermost fantasies. Each piece, from seductive lace ensembles to luxurious bondage-inspired lingerie, is a testament to the brand's commitment to merging high-end fashion with unabashed sensuality.

Exquisite Bondage

For those seeking the thrill of restraint and surrender, Fräulein Kink offers an exclusive line of bondage restraints. Made with unparalleled attention to detail, these bondage accessories are a testament to both aesthetics and functionality, ensuring that every experience is not just satisfying but visually captivating.

Leather Luxe

For aficionados of leather, Fräulein Kink's leather lingerie collection is a symphony of indulgence. Featuring premium leather adorned with intricate details and gold-plated hardware, these pieces are designed to empower and seduce, both inside and outside the bedroom.

The Ultimate Expression of Luxury BDSM

Fräulein Kink embodies the pinnacle of luxury bondage. The materials used, including sumptuous leather, velvet, and even opulent ostrich feathers, are all selected to elevate each encounter to an unforgettable level of sophistication.

Unveiling the Night

Whether you're an experienced practitioner of BDSM or merely exploring its pleasures, Fräulein Kink offers an extensive selection of indulgent accessories. From tantalizing teasers like nipplets, suspenders, and harnesses to the finest bondage ropes, gags, whips, and masks and blindfolds, each item is a testament to uncompromising quality.

Beyond the Bedroom

Fräulein Kink's commitment to sensuality extends beyond the confines of the boudoir. Their versatile and trendsetting collections, including lingerie, are designed to make a bold fashion statement wherever you choose to wear them.

Submit to Desire with Fräulein Kink

In the enticing world of BDSM, where pleasure and passion converge, Fräulein Kink stands as an embodiment of desire and empowerment. As you explore the realms of your deepest fantasies, you'll find that Fräulein Kink's creations are not just exquisite but also an expression of your most profound desires.

Experience Pleasurements

Elevate your intimate moments and submit to the allure of Pleasurements. Discover the pleasures of BDSM and the beauty of desire with Fräulein Kink.