Are you looking for ethical, high-quality leather lingerie, vegan leather lingerie, or luxury leather BDSM accessories? VoyeurX has it. The Dutch kinky lingerie brand specializes in creating dazzling luxury leather lingerie pieces that bring fashion and eroticism closer together. Handmade showpieces that will genuinely elevate your leather lingerie game.

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VoyeurX, exclusive leather lingerie & luxury BDSM accessories

VoyeurX is Dutch leather lingerie & luxury BDSM accessory brand that oozes feminine empowerment. It's bold, provocative, sexy, and yet very classy. The perfect combination if it comes to kinky lingerie. It has become a mission for Melanie, owner & designer of VoyeurX, to make you feel feminine, empowered, and beautiful. After all, isn't that key when wearing sexy lingerie to a hot date?

Why VoyeurX?

VoyeurX stands for high-quality. Each showpiece, whether leather lingerie or luxury leather BDSM accessory, is made of the finest high-quality leather or vegan leather in a small atelier in the Netherlands. Each VoyeurX kinky lingerie creation has to complete you perfectly and feel comfortable against the skin.

And VoyeurX is ‘easy sizing’ lingerie; leather lingerie made adjustable and in one size. Adjusting the straps can create the perfect fit for your body. This makes VoyeurX lingerie the perfect online buy or the perfect lingerie gift to give.

VoyeurX and erotic parties

VoyeurX is the perfect kinky lingerie choice for erotic parties; they go hand in hand. After all, the dress code for an erotic party is often leather lingerie. And thanks to its fashionable appearance and perfect fit, you will make quite the entrance.

The styling options are endless. Try to combine the leather lingerie with a see-through bodysuit, dress, or catsuit, or spice up your vinyl look. For a more erotic look, wear your VoyeurX lingerie with other kinky lingerie or nothing underneath. You can even wear it as a fashion accessory by wearing the leather lingerie pieces as a harness combined with your ready-to-wear. No matter how or when, VoyeurX allows you to make a statement.