See-through Dresses

See-through Dresses

Discover the sexy translucent dresses from top brands such as Studio Pia, and Pleasurements. A transparent dress makes your curves come out beautifully, but also lays a beautiful mysterious hint over your skin ... and the translucent dress can be perfectly combined with lingerie or a bodysuit. A transparent dress is a must-have in your 'wardrobe'.

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  1. LBD Dress Black
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What are see through dresses?

A see through dress is an erotic clothing piece or erotic dress that shows the beauty of your body underneath. There are various designs, shapes, types, and materials. Discover Pleasurements' many, many sexy see through dress options like a lace see through dress or a sheer see through dress.

At Pleasurements, we aim to indulge you not only with a wide and varied assortment, but especially and even more importantly, with a collection of see through dresses that meet the highest standards. Like we've said before, we only select the very best sheer dresses. Fall in love with designs by Murmur, Pleasurements, and Studio Pia.

When or how do I wear a see through dress?

See-through dresses are so hot right now! Sheer dresses are perfect to combine with a slip dress for a smart and very sexy look outside the boudoir for that red carpet oozing glamour. Or try to combine a see-through dress with a beautiful bodysuit for a more bold party look. You can even mix & match a sheer dress with some exclusive lingerie or erotic lingerie for an erotic party or an intimate evening at home. Your lingerie look will be mysteriously veiled underneath your sexy see through dress. And for the real dare-devils among us, combine your sexy see-through dress with nothing underneath to flaunt all of your best assets. No matter how or when you will wear your sheer, you'll make quite the entrance... So have fun!

Lace see through dress

For those who think that lace is romantic only, think again, because Pleasurements lace see-through dresses are also very suited for erotic fashion. Lace fabrics like Chantilly lace, floral lace, or leavers lace are perfect for a mysteriously sexy see-through effect. For example, Murmur makes lace see through dresses with a fetish twist, while Studio Pia creates more romantic lace dresses.

Sheer mesh see through dress

However, if you want to mix & match your see through dress with erotic lingerie, Pleasurements' selection of sheer mesh see through dresses. A see through dress from sheer mesh or tulle reveals all like a veil that casts a sensual shadow onto your body and your lingerie. With sheer mesh see through dresses, less is definitely more with delicate minimalistic designs leaving little to the imagination but to elevate the glamorous luxury of your boudoir look.

Sexy see through dress

To spice things up even more, turn up the temperature with a sexy see through dress. Sexy see through dresses can be completely see-through or reveal just a part of your beautiful body, for example a see-through top to reveal your bosom or some sheer panels or sleeves while leaving just enough to the imagination. A sexy see through dress is the way to impress your beloved on a special date night, or to steal the show with all eyes on you during an erotic party or hot club night.

If you love see-through, you should also take a look at Pleasurements' see-through lingerie, erotic lingerie, and sheer lingerie.