210th experience body care line

210th Experience Body Care Line
Founder Sofie Rockland of the luxurious, elegant, erotic brand 210th was already renowned for her fabulous 210th erotic gift boxes, like the 210th Classic box, 210th Wedding box, 210th Holland Box and 210th Ladies box. Well, has she got a delightful treat for you! Sofie Rockland has started her very own 210th Experience Body Care Line. Trust me, this is the most complete Body Care Line out there; The 210th Experience includes treats like 210th Body Scrub, Body Mask, Body Cream, Shower Gel, Bath Oil, Massage Oil and even a massage candle and a silicone based lubricant. What did I tell you? The most complete Body Care! Months and months of research, many headaches and a lot of fun preceded before Sofie Rockland finally found the right ingredients and the right formula for her very special 210th Experience Body Care Line. A perfect mixture of Linden Blossom, Freesia, Amber, Musks, Vanilla Fudge and Fruits is used to create the perfectly balanced fragrance for the 210th Body Care Line. Sofie knew she didn't want just a simple delicious, subtle smell; It had to be the perfect smell for all skin types, for both men and women. She succeeded big time to accomplish this. In Pleasurements’ opinion, Sofie Rockland rocks her erotic brand 210th. We already were a big fan of her erotic 210th gift box collection, but she outdid herself with the 210thExperience Body Care Line. 210th is a real treat for yourself or the perfect gift to give.