A sexy quote from ayo technology


A sexy little extract from Ayo Technology – A track written by 50 Cents & Justin Timberlake - And brilliantly covered by Belgium singer Milow

“This smoke's got the club all hazy
Spotlights don't do you justice, baby
Why don't you come over here?
You got me sayin'

Ayo, I'm tired of using technology
Why don't you sit down on top of me?
Ayo, I'm tired of using technology
I need you right in front of me

In a fantasy, it's plain to see
Just how we be, you and me
Back strokin', sweat soakin'
All into my sex sheets

When she ready to ride, I'll be ready to roll
I'll be in this bitch 'til the club close
What should I do on all fours
Now that that shit should be against the law

Different style, different move
Damn, I like the way you move
Girl, you got me thinkin' 'bout
All the things I'd do to you

Let's get it poppin' shorty
We can switch positions
From the couch to the counters of my kitchen”


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