An erotic massage


Set the mood and massage the day away

First of all, proceed to the bedroom and slip into something more comfortable concerning 'work-attire'.
Well, an erotic massage kinda requires a bit of 'work', right?
But with the 'something more comfortable' it might entail just a sexy kimono or a stunning robe, depending on whatever you want to happen afterward.


Now light those scrumptious, sumptuous massage candles to set the ambiance just right and to start melting those gorgeously fragrant, tantalizing oils.
Or just light a few 'normal' candles, maybe perfumed ones and have that sensationally sensual bottled massage oil at the ready.
You can now switch off the lights…


Then heat a towel;
You can, of course, put the towel over a warm radiator.
But, you can also heat the towel by wetting it under a faucet, wringing it out to the max and then placing it in a (for example) Pyrex dish and nuke it for 30 secs in the microwave.
Now you can place the hot towel on the bed where you want your 'patient' to lie.
Careful though, don't burn yourself!

Maybe you fancy a bit of soothing, mellow music in the background?


Then it is high time to call in your patient.
Help your subject out of their clothing and then gently instructing him to lie face down on the bed on the warmed towel.
Aaaah lovely!


Warm your hands by rubbing them together for a bit.
First, slowly rub his head (oil-less; It can be quite unpleasant to have any hair covered in oil unless he is a sexy bald of course!).
Make sure you especially use your thumbs in a circular motion, not too hard though, but do make it count.
Start at the front of the head and pull your hands backward. A lovely spot to give some special attention is around and behind the ears.


Pour some oil from the massage candle of your choice or the massage-oil (but do make sure the oil is never cold) in your hands.
Lean over your significant other and start to slowly loosen up his neck, then move to the shoulders, give them a deep serious grab at the fleshier parts.


…or just pour some oil onto his back.
Rub around his wings at a slow pace, then trace the areas next to the spine all the way down, not too hard though, just make sure your hardworking man is comfortable at all times.


Work the sensually fragrant oil into those lovely buns!
Yes, with some vigor, but again, not too hard.
Listen to the moans, that is always a good indicator.


…straddle him and sit just behind his bum, wriggle your tushy a bit (just to give yourself a bit of a rub down there really. Multitasking!).
Now work your hands upwards, back to his back, bent forwards and slowly let your nipples touch his smooth, oiled up skin, followed by the rest of your glorious boobs.
Continue to slowly massage his back with your bosom.
I bet you've closed your eyes by now, whispered some naughty words, uttered some sexed-up sighs and by this, you've managed to indicate that in less than a minute he will need to turn around.
Which will possible…no, no,…highly likely turn into an internal massage for you, while relieving any remaining manhood tension he might still 'suffer' from…



Stay Home
Stay Safe
Relieve stress…

With lots of love & massage magic,


Images: Pleasurements & Pinterest