Beauty and the bandit


Strappy bands, stripes, criss-cross, a tantalizing mish-mesh…super sexy, sleek, clean, sustainable design and execution, luxury lingerie which is, of course, handmade in Europe…
It's yet again a totally delectable bondage lingerie extravaganza by Bordelle, in black & ivory.
And ladies, it so happens that their new Scala collection has arrived at Pleasurements!
Just to give you a heads-up; don't wait too long ordering & shopping these beauts, cause they're stealing the show like a proper strappy bandit as we speak…

As always with Bordelle, the Scala collection is another work of art and a superb, stunning treat for your body.
The straps, fabrics, 24-carat hardware, every beautiful detail exquisitely blends with your skin and luscious forms.
The design is inspired by Vienna's beautiful architecture with its alluring, well-balanced grandeur of lines and opulent style.
And as with many bondage lingerie items by Bordelle, a lot of these stunners from the Scala collection are not just for the boudoir, but can sublimely be worn as lingerie-inspired outerwear!

Sexy, gorgeous, stylish, bold, luxurious…Scala is a bondage lingerie statement in a most fabulous way and will steal your heart for sure, like a proper loved up, greedy, eager bandit…