Blazing fire

Blazing Fire
A Firey tale crafted by M.
The small but chic guest house is located a bit remote in the rolling hills. Autumn colors everything in flaming shades of yellow, gold and red. On the terrace at the front of the guest house, two guests enjoy the late afternoon sun with a glass of wine. She is a well-dressed, charming woman. Her appearance reflects the golden glow of the beautiful autumn day. She's not young anymore; elegant and stylish, she embraces the signs of her age and she hasn't lost any of her femininity and sex appeal. She has known the man next to her almost all her life, but they had not seen or spoken to each other for half a lifetime. He's still an attractive man: a bit heavier, with quite a bit of gray in his thinning, dark locks, but it looks good on him.

They were once lovers. Recently they unexpectedly bumped into each other and discovered that some of their former passion was still glowing, deep inside. They agreed to meet again here, after all this time. They are the only two guests; their soft voices sound among the rustling autumn leaves as they talk about the past years and shared memories. She enjoys his boyish nonchalance and the confidence he exudes. It does not escape her notice that his gaze regularly glides admiringly along her long, tight dress and then lingers for a moment on her generous bosom. It stimulates her femininity, awakens a warm glow within her.
When it starts to get chilly outside, they decide to seek the warmth of the guest house. The double room is spacious, a bit outdated but chic and neatly furnished. They don't need words; they know each other well enough to feel that they long for the same thing. She feels her heart pounding with tension as he undoes the zipper of her dress. Underneath she wears the beautiful Bordelle Gia quarter cup bra in flaming red, a work of art made of satin straps, gold rings and buckles. The bra lifts her bosom, gives her sagging breasts more fullness and leaves her nipples provocatively exposed. The Bordelle waspie, in the same fiery red, emphasizes her waist and gives her a slender look, without completely concealing her less toned stomach and buttocks. Fine, skin-colored Cervin Enola nylon stockings give her legs a subtle shine and emphasize the shape of her calves and thighs. She feels a little awkward on the high stiletto heels that give her legs more length and a sexy tension.

As he undresses, she sees that he has taken good care of his body. The years have not passed him by unnoticed: he has also become a bit fuller around the waist, but he is still athletic and muscular. She sinks onto the foot of the bed, feeling the warmth of his skin as he sits next to her naked. A long, intense kiss releases unexpected memories. His hand slides exploratively and admiringly over the smooth stocking that stretches tightly around her leg, to her hip and slowly further up. She is not ashamed of her love handles and enjoys his attention. His fingers slide along the satin straps of her bra, feeling the soft curve of her breast. She turns her back to him, shows him the closure of her bra.

One by one he undoes the three hooks on the clasp of her Bordelle bra; the satin straps slide off her shoulders. Her uncaged breasts sink down, gracefully yielding to gravity and showing their natural, relaxed shape. Her bosom no longer has the freshness and firmness of a young woman, but that doesn't make her any less desirable and sexy. He enjoys it with his eyes, his hands feel the ripe softness and heaviness of her breasts. His lips and tongue taste her smooth nipples. She feels his hand in the hollow of her back, his fingers lovingly exploring the folds and lines in her skin. She takes a deep breath, pushes her bosom forward and enjoys the tingling sensation that travels through her entire body.
She sees that his manhood is already big and powerful. Smiling, she notes that he still finds her beautiful and exciting. With her hand she lets his arousal grow even further and fuels his lust before she turns over and stretches out on the comfortable large bed. Lying on her stomach, propped up on her elbows, she lets him unzip her waspie, while her stockings are still attached. He exposes her creamy buttocks, embraces them with both hands and thoroughly enjoys her soft opulence. Invitingly, she spreads her long stockinged legs. She feels his weight pressing on her lower body; his arousal touches her naked buttocks. His hands grip her hips firmly and her breath catches for a moment as he takes her, big and hard. They make love, slowly and controlled at first, but soon more intense and fervent. She feels her soft buttocks, her breasts, all her curves swaying and undulating to the rhythm of their pleasure. The heat in her body increases and she completely surrenders to it.

Later, as they lie next to each other and relish the moment, his hand admires the curve of her naked hip. His fingers follow the contours of her fuller waist, her soft belly, her breast dropped to the side. She half-sits up and loosens the suspender clips of her waspie, still keeping her stockings and high heels on. She sees that he watches with fascination and follows every movement of her beautiful mature body, her legs, her bosom. He lies back relaxed; his body seems exhausted, his excitement faded. But hers hasn't yet...

She bends over and draws his gaze to her sagging breasts, letting them sway loosely. Her hand finds his member, which seems to slowly awaken again.

She is patient: they still have plenty of time. Enough to light the fire together one more time.