An erotic story by m.



When he comes out of the bathroom, naked and emitting steam, I am waiting for him in the bedroom. I am wearing my long Escora Inessa dress in delicate black lace, deliciously transparent, without anything underneath. On the bed, there is a chic dark brown box with a laced up ribbon in the lid. He will probably recognize that box; I 've received one from him a few times already. This time it is the other way around: he's getting it from me.

Surprised, he opens the box. A beautiful lingerie set emerges from the thin wrapping paper. A wide lace suspender belt, from the Accroche Coeur series by Maison Close. The matching cupless bra, an open thong. A pair of thin black seamed stockings. He carefully looks at them piece by piece, admiringly he lets the delicate material pass through his fingers.

I let my dress slide off my shoulders and stand in front of him, naked. I ask him to help me put on the lingerie. I don't have to insist. I can tell from the expression on his face that he thinks that that is a very exciting idea.

With a little awkwardness, but carefully, he slips the bra under my breasts, securing the strap on my back, then pulls up the wide lace shoulder straps. His hands are constantly touching my smooth skin. The suspender belt feels tight as he fastens it. I help him with the very delicate stockings, they would quickly rip if I didn't roll them up myself. His hands slide down my buttocks. I feel he is trying to attach a stocking to the suspender clip just below my buttocks. I wait patiently, enjoying his touches, his attention. I step into the thong that he slowly slides up my stockinged legs, until it snuggly sits around my hips. I feel him gently pulling at the narrow thong between my buttocks. Teasingly he gives it an extra tug. He's slowly turning my naked body into a work of art, wrapped in black lace, transparent fabric and straps.

He is behind me now, I feel his naked body against my back. His hand touches the curves of my chest, fleetingly. The open cups of the bra show my natural bosom, not really firm but nicely full and blissfully soft. The hand returns, bolder. He puts both his hands underneath my breasts; they completely fill his strong hands and he lifts them, weighs them, kneads them. I am enjoying his excitement, feeling it grow against my buttocks and getting hard.

I can feel his warm breath in my neck, he's whispering titillating words, half sentences in my ear. I press my bosom even tighter against his kneading hands. One hand is trailing from my chest downwards, then slides further down the lace suspender to my lower abdomen. Further down to between my legs, to the open crotch of the thong. He seeks and finds my warmth, my most sensitive spot. His fingers are skillful, giving me tingles all over, making me jolt, and rapidly growing my desire. I close my eyes, put my head back against his neck and enjoy it. I let him do his thing as his fingers go deeper and deeper. I am glowing, getting hot and turn to jelly.

Suddenly he releases me; his strong hands turn me over and I see him drop to his knees. His head disappears between my slightly spread legs and only reappears when I am squealing with pleasure. When I catch my breath again, I push him back onto the bed. His manhood big and hard against his abdomen. I bend over and lower my full breasts into his lap. With both hands I press them firmly around his manhood, it's my turn to let him enjoy himself until he opens his eyes wide, his breath catches and I feel him jerking and throbbing.

A little later the lingerie set is back in the box, but no longer neatly folded. I smile and look at the beautiful lace set and wonder what I actually like better: receiving lingerie as a gift, or gifting it…?


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