Bordelle~ it's all about the details


Are my eyes deceiving me?
Is it a wonderfully naughty coup d'oeil perhaps?
A sexy trick of the eye?

No,no…It's MOA! The new exclusive lingerie collection by Bordelle and it's ready to be pre-ordered at Pleasurements, ya'll!

With a ultra clear little ode the sensuous, sexy female body, 'cause well…
Just feast your eyes on that embroidered tulle works of art!
The Swiss embroidered tulle was specially designed for Bordelle by illustrator Etta Shon (Check her work on Social Media! She is fab!).

Yep, Bordelle is right, it's all about the details…
Feminine nudes, in different positions are all beautifully 'hidden' in these erotic lingerie beauts in blue and ivory.
Of course this goes together gorgeously with Bordelle's signature gold hardware, their bondage like straps and their complete design aesthetic.

In the Moa collection you'll find a masterly beautiful open bra, a total jewel for your body, a sexy bralette, a beautiful strappy ouvert brief, an artfully, exquisite body and even more boudoir chic-iness in blue and ivory.

…And this magnificent marvel of the exclusive lingerie world, called Moa is now available to be pre-ordered at Pleasurements!