Insanely wilde beauty


Yes, Bordelle, YES!

Gosh & gush, this is luxury lingerie…no, hold on…holy moly divine designer lingerie with a totally different fabulous, edgy edge.
Utter sublimity comes in the form, the shape, the lushest design-esthetic of your new Wilde collection.
Yes, Bordelle…Oh succulently YES!
Let's face it ladies; Can you resist anything about this fabulous, ravishing new luxury lingerie collection by Bordelle?

Hold on! Of course you can't!

New exclusive lingerie collection by Bordelle

The lush Wilde luxury lingerie collection by Bordelle features, of course, the bold signature 24k golden hardware and combines it this time with…wait for it…
Victoriously Victorian-like flower embroidery on gorgeous voile material.
We're talking sumptuousness with a splendid sexy, erotic vibe…
A vibe from the now, with its nouvelle-iscious bondage chicness, combined with an ultra-romantic, sexy victorian bit of splendor.

The Wilde collection by Bordelle comes in 3 stunning color combo's;
Pink & Blue
Ivory & Blue
Black & Green

Get ready to pre-order these Bordelle luxury lingerie items

So, ladies, foxes, neo-romantics, bold sexy damsels…you want to rock this! You want to rock this exclusive lingerie collection by Bordelle…
And you so can! The Wilde erotic lingerie collection by Bordelle is now available to PRE-Order at Pleasurements, just to make sure you will get your hands on it!
And if you happen to have to make a choice between the items, we can guarantee you'll find the ultimate joy with at least going for the suspenders;
The suspenders? Yes…OH YES!
It's a magnificently versatile bit of sexy magic actually…
Straps go on, straps come off, it's a suspender belt, it's a harness, it's an ouvert, it's a's just so much in one.

And, uhm, it just might be a small detail, but please have a look at the matching garters…I guess garters are back with a powerful sexy vengeance too.
Oh, gosh & gush, I am sorry I know you can't help it; you'll just have to bend to its will, to the wonderfully Wilde luxury lingerie collection by Bordelle!

Swanky your lingerie-lust up and pre-order the Wilde, this luxury lingerie collection by Bordelle now at Pleasurements…

Lots of Bordelle love,