Brand spanking new body art


To start with; Impudique is French for inappropriate...

But if you read on and see the following, you will undoubtedly think more like; This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, sexy, erotic chicness, this is body art...this is extraordinarily gorgeous!
And we’ve got it, we've got the latest luxury lingerie collection from Impudique by Cantanzaro, called Lady.

The lacy racy Lady collection from Impudique by Cantanzaro is comprised of works of art with an unbelievably stunning cut, is absurdly sexy, luxurious and has an excellent design aesthetic. Lace & mesh, with a sublime line-work of’s new luxury lingerie to caress!

And yes, we’ve got it, we've got this brand spanking new body art at Pleasurements, ladies!


Images: Pleasurements