My favorite piece #2

My Favorite Piece #2


A quarter cup bra surely is the most sophisticated, erotic lingerie item of all.
Shamelessly luxurious, delightfully sexy, and subtly functional at the same time.
An irresistible luxury lingerie classic.

It just feels so exciting to wear a quarter cup bra under my outerwear, to a party, or during a risqué night out.
A seductive braless look, maybe even a hint of a nipple under a thin blouse or a chic little dress.
Yet, it provides the comforting firmness of the bra straps, the underwires, and the slight support of the low-cut cups.
Or to show off my natural bosom in a more intimate atmosphere, deliciously embellished, as if my breasts are presented on a silver platter.
Nicely lifted and full, yet moving about freely.

I have quite the variety of quarter cup bras in my erotic lingerie collection, in lace, satin, and silk.
Some of them have a slightly more generous quarter cup, some only have a minimal strip of fabric for cups.
I've got these glorious beauts in mysterious black up to fiery red, all of them pretty extravagant and wonderfully naughty.


My favorite quarter cup bra?
The Olinda bra by Coco de Mer... A work of art, made of black lace, silk straps, and lightly padded, very low quarter cups.
A delectable gift for my bosom, far too gorgeous to only wear underneath my outerwear.
The delicate lace sexily garnishes my soft breasts, and boldly leaves my nipples completely bared.
Just the faintest caress, a slight cool breeze even, makes them harden.
The underwires gently push my breasts forward and give them a subtle lift; the seductive quarter cups provide just enough support to give me that sexy bit of cleavage.

A lusciously daring bra.
Perhaps a bit too daring, even for me.
Needless to say that a classy lady doesn't discuss her cup size in public...but I do have more than a handful, abundantly so.
The shallow quarter cups of the Olinda bra do have trouble containing my soft opulence.
The bra reveals my breasts aren't very firm and are quite heavy.
Every movement of my upper body makes them wiggle and shake as if they're trying to escape the fine lace of the quarter cups.


Luckily, I know he finds all that extremely exciting and sexy.
He watches me, savoring the view when I am parading around in my quarter cup bra, wearing a pair of high heels, swaying my hips, my bosom all but nude, nicely lifted, and wrapped in black lace.
At first, I demurely cover my nipples with my fingertips.
When I finally bare them, I feel a tingling tension in my belly.

The heaving and rocking of my soft bosom are dizzying him.
He wants all that delight within his hand's reach, wants to feel the roundness and weight of my breasts and wants to taste my bare nipples.
I don't even have to take off the lushly sexy Olinda quarter cup bra for that.
I soak up his lustful glance and his visibly growing excitement.
I sway my hips, walking back and forth slowly, teasing him by needlessly pulling at a shoulder strap.
My bosom rises up high as I take a deep breath.
I bend over slightly to straighten the lace top of one of my stay-up stockings, and I notice he is about to lose his self-control...


Story By: M.
Image: Pleasurements