Making the most of it with love...



Running out of ideas, being stuck inside while the outside world is fighting to eliminate our current enemy? The Coronavirus!
You and your partner have played all the freshly dusted off boardgames you could find in the attic…
Maybe you even had all the moments in time to fill out all the newspaper crosswords?
Well, then it's time to inject some pizzazz into this lockdown and make the most of this situation!
But, what and how? What else will keep us from getting bored being stuck inside?

Luxury Nightwear & Erotic Lingerie to the rescue

Dress up in your finest erotic lingerie and most luxurious nightwear…you know, the items you kept for that'special occasion'?
Well gals, there is no time like the present, literally…
It's a mighty special time and no need to clamp down on love, love-making, sex, smooching, boudoir antics, intimacy and rekindling that passion you haven't had time for…for ages!

Sexy-up that mood

What about dimming the lights at twilight, lighting that gorgeous fragrant massage candle
Trigger your beau's curiosity. Entice and tease, no need to rush!
Parading, prancing around and showing plenty of succulent smooth skin from under that silk robe, kimono or slip dress.
Charm the pants of him with the beautiful straps of your open bra, or that erotic playsuit.
Take his hand, guide him to the bedroom, get him to strip off and go to town on his back with an exquisite, tantric, tantalizing massage with the delicious intoxicating and provocative oils of that massage candle.
And then…well, is the lube in arms reach?

Love is all there is

At Pleasurements we're advocates of love and we aim to please in that field as much as we possibly can.
Our physical shop in Amsterdam might be closed, but our webshop is wide open to the world and we're making every effort possible to provide you all with everything you need to make this lockdown a more wonderful one, a loving one, with time for each other, getting close to one another again…

So, thank goodness for technology, especially at moments like these, when a lot grinds to a halt, we can still shop till we drop online…
Deliveries are still being made probably even more than ever before and how extremely grateful are we of these wonderful delivery-services?!

Stay safe
Stay home
Where love is all there is…

With lots of love,